Santiago, Galapagos
North Islands


Located North West between Santa Cruz & Isabela, Santiago Island is an exceptional stop offering its visitors an array of attractions, fields of dry black lava formations, panoramic cliffs, an incredible amount of bird species, Salt Mines, Palo Santo Forests, a black sand beach & much more are all found in Santiago. Also known as James named after the England's King James II. Long used by buccaneers & whalers as a source of water, wood & giant tortoises as food.

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Fast Facts about Santiago

Location: North Western Galapagos
Extent of Island: 572 sq Kilometers / 221 sq Miles
Highest Point: 905 Meters / 2,794 Feet
Highlights: Salt Mines, Bird Species, Panoramic Cliffs

Visit Points

Bahía Sullivan

Found in the South East of...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Hiking

Playa Espumilla

Espumilla Beach is well known for...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Snorkeling, Hiking

Caleta Bucanero

Buccaneer Cove is one out of...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Snorkeling

Puerto Egas

Egas Port was named after the...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Snorkeling, Hiking

Minas de Sal

Salt Mines is the alternate route...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Hiking

Bahía James

James Bay is the main disembarking...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Dhingy Ride, Snorkeling, Hiking

Isla Albany

Albany islet is found off the...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Snorkeling, Panga Ride

Roca Cousins

Just one of the many islets...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Diving


Green Sea Turtle

A sea turtle species that inhabit...[read more]

Galápagos Fur Seal

The Galapagos Fur seal, often difficult...[read more]

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