Marchena, Galapagos
North Islands


A remote island rarely covered by yachts in the Galapagos, Marchena island has no landing sites currently authorized by the Galapagos park, yachts visiting this island are limited to aquatic activities only. Known as one of the best Islands to snorkel & dive, the island surrounding waters offer an incredible amount of marine life & a higher chance of spotting the elusive hammerhead shark. Both Black beach and Mejia point feature fantastic snorkeling opportunities unparalleled by other snorkeling sites in the archipelago.

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Fast Facts about Marchena

Location: North West Galapagos
Extent of Island: 130 sq Kilometers / 50 sq Miles
Highest Point: 343 Meters / 1,125 Feet
Highlights: Uninhbited Remote Island, Great snorkeling location

Visit Points

Mejia Point

Mejia Point is a location like...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Snorkeling, Diving

Black Beach

It's name originates from the black...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Snorkeling, Diving

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