Located North to Santa Cruz Baltra island also known as South Seymour is a flat island which for the most part displays an arid zone with little vegetation. Used by the United States as an army air force base during world war II, which was then later passed on to the Ecuadorian government, nowadays a new ecological airport stands in its place. 2 docks are available in Baltra, one not far from the airport where boats are dockedĀ  itinerary wise, the 2nd dock connects to Santa Cruz via ferry, 15 min away from the airport.

More Information: Baltra Island - Wikipedia

Fast Facts about Baltra

Main Features: Island primarily used as an Aiport
Interaction In Site: Entering and Exitng the Galapagos
Type of Landing: Not Applicable
Fitness: Low

Visit Points

Aeropuerto Baltra

Baltra Airport Highlights Baltra is one...[read more]

Interaction In Site: Entrance & Departure of Galapagos Islands

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