Underwater Discovery Program

Amazon Dolphin Lodge - Discovering Yasuni - Day 1

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Iguana Boat

North-east of Santa Cruz island lie the famous Gordon Rocks. Sometimes called ‘The Washing Machine’ it is a popular site where intermediate and advanced divers go due to challenging currents and upwellings. It is these very currents that bring the plankton to the surface attracting large pelagics from across the sea in numbers.

Marine Life of Gordon Rocks
One of the best places to find Hammerhead sharks and the weird and wonderful Oceanic Sunfish (Mola Mola). Also here are Galapagos sharks, white tip reef sharks, lots of giant sea turtles, mobula rays, sting rays, eagle rays, panamic green morays, Galapagos eels, barracudas and various reef fish.

  • General Conditions: Moderate to strong currents and surge
  • Location/Distance: 1 hours from Santa Cruz
  • Diver Level: Certified – minimum 25 logged dives or evaluation by our guides at another site.

North of Santa Cruz Mosquera is an islet that emerges from the sea between Seymour and Baltra island. A sandy bottom at 15-18 meters is scattered with curious garden eels and pelagic species as well as an underwater wall flowing downwards from the shallows into the deep.

Marine Life of Mosquera
Keep an eye out for hammer head sharks and the garden eels that pop their heads out of the ground and disappear down their burrow as you approach! Also  found in the area are black tip and white tip reef sharks, sea lions, turtles, barracudas, sting rays, eagle rays, mobula rays, Galápagos eels and a variety of reef fish and invertebrates.

  • General Conditions: Mild to no current
  • Location/Distance: 25 minutes from Santa Cruz
  • Diver Level: Certified – no minimum experience needed.

Galapago Boat

Located east of Santiago Island, this small island is known for its unique spear-like pinnacle. Beneath the waves we dive over, through and around a rocky platform and float along underwater cliffs that start at 15m and disappear into the sea bed giving us a good chance to see pelagic animals.

Marine Life of Bartolomé Island
Sea horses, white tip reef sharks, reef fish including large schools of hunting yellow tailed surgeon fish, barracudas, turtles, mobula rays, sting rays, scorpion stone fish, various invertebrates.

  • General Conditions: Moderate currents.
  • Location/Distance: 1.5 hours from Santa Cruz
  • Diver Level: Certified – no minimum experience needed.

Meals Included: Lunch
Pickup / Drop Off: Puerto Ayora
Schedule: Full Day

*Daily activities are subject to change, due to weather & province regulations.