Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle Overview
A sea turtle species that inhabit the waters around islands of the pacific. The green sea turtle is primarily a herbivore, although young green sea turtles will eat nearly everything including jellyfish. during the breeding season, green sea turtles crawl to the shore, use their flippers to make a nest, and produce up to 200 eggs. The nestlings have a perilous journey to the water, where they face the likes of Albatross, gulls, crabs, frigatebirds, and more. However, the journey does not stop there, as the turtles must fend for themselves in the ocean against sharks and predatory diving birds until they reach maturity.

Fun Fact

The deciding factor of whether a green sea turtle will be male or female comes down to the temperature of eggs during the period of incubation, with females occuring with warmer temperatures and males at lower. * In order to excrete excess salt in their bodies, green sea turtles will "cry" out the salt water through special glands within their eyes. * Green sea turtles scan swim up to 35 miles per hour.

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