Galápagos Penguin

Galápagos Penguin Overview
The Galapagos Penguin in the only penguin species of the Islands, its survival dependent on the nutrient rich humbolt current flowing through the area. This species is listed as endangered, as it has a small population of less than 2,000 individuals. They nest on rocky outcrops and within cracks of lava flows, and feed close to the shore on schooling fish such as mullet.

Fun Fact

"The Galápagos penguin is the second smallest species of penguin after the little penguin. *Galápagos penguins live in large social colonies of several hundred individuals. *Similiar to other penguin species, both parents share responsibilities for the care of the egg and chicks."

Visit Points you can encounter the Galápagos Penguin

Islets you can encounter the Galápagos Penguin