Blue-Footed Booby

Blue-Footed Booby Overview
The Blue-footed Booby is a medium-size marine bird typically found on coastal regions and islands. The name likely comes from the Spanish word "Bobo" which translates to stupid clown like, deriving from the tame nature around humans and the way in which they waddle. The Blue footed booby is famous for its vividly colored blue feed and fascinating courtship ritual. The Galapagos Islands affords incredible up close and personal views at this species and their chicks.

Fun Fact

To remain cool in hot weather, the Blue-footed Boobies will defecate on their feet (a behavior called urohydrosis). Additionally, they virbrate the skin of their throats by rapidly moving bones in their throat, which leads to evaporative cooling escaping through the open mouth. * Boobies with bluer feet appear to have more success in finding a mate than birds with duller blue feet. *The Blue-footed Booby lays its eggs on bare ground without nest. The incubating birds defecate while nesting, and the eggs are protected by a circular wall of excrement.

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