Estrella del Mar Galapagos Yacht
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Estrella del Mar Galapagos Yacht

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Travelers Rating
From $4449USD
The Estrella del Mar Galapagos Yacht offers an unforgettable cruising experience in the Galapagos Archipelago, tailored for budget-conscious travelers. This mid-range motor yacht boasts eight comfortable cabins, private facilities, and inviting communal areas. Guests can expect top-notch service that exceeds typical tourist-class cruises. The yacht presents three exclusive routes featuring diverse wildlife, unique geological formations, and activities like birdwatching, snorkeling, and trekking. The professional naturalist guide and experienced crew ensure a memorable and personal adventure in this extraordinary natural setting. The Estrella del Mar Galapagos Yacht is an ideal choice for those seeking an immersive and adventurous journey in the Galapagos.


Set sail on the Estrella del Mar, a beautifully crafted motor yacht designed for superior comfort, offering an intimate and exclusive experience in the Galapagos Islands. Built in 1991, this elegant vessel stretches to 23 meters (75.45 feet) in length and 6.5 meters (21.32 feet) in width, creating a spacious yet cozy ambiance for up to 16 guests. Powered to cruise at a comfortable speed of 10 knots, the yacht ensures smooth sailing across the pristine waters of the Galapagos.

The Estrella del Mar features a dedicated crew of 7, along with an expert guide, who are committed to making your journey unforgettable. They provide personalized attention and deep insights into the unique ecosystems you’ll encounter. The yacht is configured with three thoughtfully designed decks that cater to both privacy and social interaction.

Accommodations on board include 8 staterooms, equally split between the lower and upper decks. Each cabin is equipped with comfortable bunk beds (2 singles) and is ideal for friends traveling together or solo adventurers. The cabins ensure privacy with a policy of same-gender sharing. All staterooms come with their own window, en-suite bathrooms, and air conditioning, offering a serene retreat after a day of exploration.

The lower deck, housing cabins 1 to 4, also includes essential areas like the engine rooms, staff cabins, and a boarding dock. Meanwhile, the upper deck, home to cabins 5 to 8, serves as the social heart of the yacht. Here, guests can enjoy the dining room, lounge in communal areas, and visit the cruise bridge for a glimpse into the navigation of this magnificent vessel.

The yacht’s sun deck is a haven for relaxation and socializing. It’s equipped with an exterior bar and grill, making it the perfect spot for al fresco dining. Here, guests can unwind, savor delicious meals, and enjoy the panoramic views of the Galapagos Islands, all while basking under the sun or stargazing at night.


The Estrella del Mar offers various itineraries, ranging from 4 to 8 days, traversing the North, Central, South, West, and East regions of the Galapagos. Each itinerary is carefully planned to showcase the archipelago’s rich biodiversity and geological wonders.

  • Route A: Focuses on birdwatching, snorkeling, and unique beach experiences, with stops at Pitt Point, Kicker Rock, and Gardner Bay.
  • Route B: Encounters bird species, sea lions, marine iguanas, & giant tortoises at Darwin Bay and Santa Fe island.
  • Route C: Observes rare species like pink iguanas, marine turtles, & Galapagos penguins at Urbina & Elizabeth Bay.
These journeys are tailored to provide a comprehensive Galapagos experience, encompassing a variety of islands and highlighting the unique flora and fauna of each region. For a full breakdown with day-by-day details, make sure to visit Estrella del Mar Itineraries.

The dining experience aboard the Estrella del Mar is a highlight, offering a blend of international and Ecuadorian cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients. The yacht’s chefs are skilled in crafting meals that cater to a variety of dietary preferences, ensuring a delightful dining experience for every guest. From sumptuous breakfast buffets to elegantly plated dinners, each meal is designed to be as memorable as the islands themselves.

The yacht features beautifully appointed leisure and lounge areas, designed with comfort and elegance in mind. These spaces offer panoramic views of the passing landscapes, making them the perfect place to relax, share stories with fellow travelers, or enjoy a tranquil moment alone. The outdoor sundeck and comfortable indoor lounges are favorites for those seeking to bask in the natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands.

Onboard the Estrella del Mar, the activity schedule is rich and varied, allowing guests to engage deeply with the natural wonders of the Galapagos. From guided nature walks that reveal the islands’ unique ecosystems to snorkeling excursions in crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, every activity is an opportunity for discovery. The yacht’s kayaks and paddleboards offer additional ways to explore the serene bays and coves of the archipelago.

The crew and guides aboard the Estrella del Mar are renowned for their professionalism, knowledge, and hospitality. Certified naturalist guides lead the exploration, sharing insights into the Galapagos’ biodiversity and conservation efforts. The crew, from the captain to the service staff, is dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and enriching experience for all guests, ensuring that every need is met with attention and care.

For the Estrella del Mar Galapagos Yacht, the experience is designed to be as inclusive as possible, ensuring guests can immerse fully in the wonders of the Galapagos with ease. The cruise package notably covers lodging in cabins with private facilities, ensuring comfort and privacy. Guests enjoy three daily meals with unlimited water, coffee, and tea, enhancing the onboard experience. The itinerary is jam-packed with excursions that offer insightful island explorations under the direction of English-speaking naturalist guides. Kayaking and snorkeling gear are provided, allowing guests to delve into the aquatic wonders of the Galapagos at their leisure.

However, there are exclusions to consider for a complete understanding of the journey’s costs. International and roundtrip flights to the Galapagos from mainland Ecuador are additional, as are the Galapagos National Park entrance fee and the Transit Control Card, both subject to change. While onboard, soft and alcoholic drinks, wetsuit rentals, and other personal equipment come at extra charges, with rates varying by the length of the stay. Gratuities and mandatory travel insurance are other considerations, ensuring guests can enjoy peace of mind throughout their adventure.

This detailed breakdown aims to provide a clear overview of what’s included and excluded in the cruise package, allowing for thorough planning and an unforgettable experience aboard the Estrella del Mar.

Reflecting on the experiences shared by past guests, we find heartfelt commendations. A past traveler who embarked on a 7-day journey with us in September 2021. Joanne’s initial reservations quickly transformed into enthusiasm, thanks to the seamless integration of pre- and post-cruise services that enriched their adventure. She praises Roberto for his exceptional leadership, praising his tolerance, encouragement, and capacity to create a welcoming and cohesive environment among the visitors. The cruise not only met but exceeded her expectations, with Joanne extending her gratitude to the amiable crew for ensuring a memorable experience. This feedback is a testament to the Estrella del Mar’s commitment to excellence, showcasing the vessel’s ability to deliver an unparalleled Galapagos adventure.

The Estrella del Mar Galapagos Yacht embodies the essence of comfort at affordable rates and adventure in the Galapagos Islands. Offering exquisite dining, comfortable and stylish accommodations, and a wide array of activities led by expert guides, the yacht promises an unforgettable journey through one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for the Galapagos, the Estrella del Mar is your gateway to discovering the natural wonders of this unique archipelago.

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Estrella del Mar Inclusions & Exclusions

Accommodation, use of onboard facilities
All meals, water, coffee & tea
All activities as listed
Use of kayaks
Certified bilingual guide, Quito airport asistance
Snorkel equipment rental
Transfers in galapagos

Galapagos park entrance fee: $100
Transit Control Card: $20
Round flight (mainland-galapagos-mainland)
Alcoholic & soft drinks
Wetsuit rental
Personal expenses, tipping & travel insurance
Quito shuttles (hotel-airport-hotel)

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Joanne Hudson
We were initially hesitant to take the 7-day trip, including pre and post services, but it definitely turned out to be a major plus for us. It really helped us settle in and added to the excitement. Our guide, Roberto, was top-notch – patient, helpful, friendly, and maintained a steady pace, always ensuring that we all kept up. The cruise lived up to my expectations, and the crew was very friendly. Thank you all for a wonderful time!