Tandayapa Bird Lodge
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Tandayapa Bird Lodge

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Tandayapa - Ecuador
2 - 4
Easy - Regular
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Travelers Rating
From $699USD
The ideal lodge for birdwatching, Tandayapa bird lodge is found in the Andean cloud forest ideal for nature lovers. Everything about Tandayapa bird lodge has this in mind, be it the deck with hummer feeders, the outdoor jacuzzi, the many setups for hummer photography, or the butterfly feeding area. Yes, it’s a place where you can see fifteen-twenty hummers in a day, and over one hundred species from the balcony alone. Now, throw in the canopy deck, the large forest floor feeding hide, an extensive trail system, and easy access to plenty of other nearby sites, and you possibly have the ultimate nature and relaxation based destination. Whether you come for the hummingbirds, nature photography, serious birding, botany, or just to relax for a few days, you will find Tandayapa Lodge is the place for experiencing the fantastic Chocó bioregion.

Itineraries & Rates 2023

rates are per person in usd, unless otherwise stated

Inclusions & Exclusions

Transport (quito-tandayapa-quito)
All meals (start & end with lunch)
Unlimited water, coffee & tea
Bilingual ornithologist guide
All activities & use of lodge facilities

Bar consumptions
Personal expenses, souvenirs, tipping & travel insurance
Private naturalist guide
Laundry service
Phone service
Transfer to other location

Tandayapa Features

Tandayapa Bird Lodge General Details

2 guest, twin/double
2 guest, twin/double
3 guest, twin/double
3 guest, twin/double

Facilities & Services

  • Community visit
  • Family & interconnected rooms
  • Power & electricity
  • Private bathrooms
  • Private terrace
  • Restaurant in premises
  • Rubber boots & poncho
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • WiFi
Itineraries, inclusions and exclusions are subject to change by providers, or Ecuadorian authorities.

Tandayapa Details

Children not allowed at the lodge
Information verified by the lodge operator
Restaurant & bar payments: cash & credit card
Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Private guidance: $190 per day
Itineraries are subject to change
Departures every day of the week
Last information revision: 18-December-2018

30% initial payment to confirm reservation (Not Refundable)
70% Balance is due 60 days or earlier prior to departure

The above Terms & Conditions/Policies do not represent to a full extent all the terms & conditions by the Lodge, the most important and relevant clauses have been listed as a guideline, and are enforced by the tour operator to GreenGo Travel as your acting travel agent and subsequently to the end customer. In cases such as the initial percentage of payment required, the amount of days prior to cover the final balance & cancellation fees will be subject to our terms and conditions. A higher/lower initial payment, and additional time may be required to process your reservation.

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