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Papallacta Hot Springs
Categories: Spa's, First Class, 1 to 3 Days, Under $299
Papallacta Hot Springs - Ecuador Retreat
Starting At: $158 USD
Difficulty: Easy - Regular
Length: 1 - 3 Days
Places: Papallacta - Ecuador
Users Rating 5 from 4 ratings


The popular Papallacta hot Springs are well regarded in the tourism industry for its professionalism, continuous innovation in spa-related matters and environmentally responsible operations. Papallacta is a SPA retreat that offers a variety of services, from basic thermal hydro therapies, to full body massages and other body aesthetics.

Papallacta Hot Springs Retreat Highlights:

Papallacta hot springs are well known for its thermal pools, and curative properties that derive from the natural springs. Surrounded by amid highlands and its secluded location will set the perfect tone for a perfect retreat! Self guided trails through ecological footpaths, horseback riding and guided walks in the surroundings are available for those looking for more adventurous activities.

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Papallacta Hot Springs Details


Private transport

Address: Km 67 via Quito – Baeza
Travel time: Approximately 2 hours
Pickup: Old & new city hotels pickup
Transfer cost: $135 per way (2 guests max)
Pickup time: Flexible schedule (15:00 check in)
Guest with vehicles: Free parking with 24/7 security


Public transport

Bus stop: Quitumbe
Bus fare: Approx $3 per way
Route: To tena through baeza
Frequency: Approx every 2 hours
Bus companies: Amazonas, Banos, Pelileo, Quijos
Connecting transport: Pickup truck, 4km, 10 mim

Papallacta hot springs - thermal pools

Thermal Pools
Free access for all guests at papallacta hot springs (included)

The thermal baths are located on the banks of the Papallacta river in a unique natural environment accommodating nine hot thermal pools and three cold water pools.

Papallacta hot springs - pools spa

Pools Spa
Exclusive resort service, preferential rates for guests (Excluded)

The spa’s hydrotherapy includes 5 hot thermal pools & 1 cold pool. The thermoludic area is the ideal place for a variety of hydro massages with water jets or air bubbles.

Papallacta hot springs - standard rooms

Standard Rooms
Comfortable rooms with all necessary amenities

Standard rooms will have access to private and exclusive pools for guests only.

Papallacta hot springs - suite rooms

Suite Rooms
Comfortable rooms with all necessary amenities, plus a private mini lounge & fireplace

Suite rooms will have access to private and exclusive pools for guests only.

Papallacta hot springs - whirlpool rooms

Whirlpool Rooms
Comfortable rooms with all necessary amenities, plus a private jacuzzi in bathroom

Whirlpool rooms will have access to private and exclusive pools for guests only.

Papallacta Hot Springs Features

papallacta hot springs - spa services

Spa services

Spa Services

For those looking for additional services other then using the pools, a wide range of spa services and treatments are available at Papallacta. Their most popular treatments are Chocolate body wrap: moisturize and tone up your skin with the antioxidant properties of chocolate. Wine Therapy: Tone up, hydrate and rejuvenate skins appearance with a great grape mousse. Hot Stones Massage, Body Relaxing Massage and much more.

Hot Springs Benefits

Besides improving intestinal function, the baths’ curative properties are also anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-rheumatic. Relaxing effect on smooth muscle tissue, Alleviates respiratory problems, Improves osteo-synthesis, muscle and joint elasticity and speeds up recovery processes of cuts and fractures, Stimulates the healing process. Stimulates dilatation of blood vessels and improves blood flow, Eliminates toxins. The world-renowned healing properties of the thermal baths are especially beneficial for those aged 65 years and over.

Pools & Location

The hydrothermal value of Papallacta’s Hot Springs is thanks to Papallacta’s location between two volcanoes, Volcano Cayambe and Volcano Antisana. Termas de Papallacta owns the “Rancho del Cañón”, a protected area of 250 hectares (625 acres) located at the entrance of the Cayambe – Coca ecological reserve. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Antisana volcano (5.704 meters/ 18.714 feet high).

Papallacta Hot Springs Rates 2018

2 days – 1 night

Special Moments - 2 Day Program

sunday to thursday
friday, saturday & holidays
3 days – 2 nights

Special Moments - 3 Day Program

sunday to thursday
friday, saturday & holidays
* To view available deals for this & other tours, check our offers HERE
* Prices are per person, and subject to change without prior notice
* All prices are in USD







Standard Lodging 1 day – 0 nights 2/3 guest twin/double/triple Standard Room $158 BOOK NOW
Whirpool Lodging 1 day – 0 nights 2/3 guest twin/double/triple Whirlpool Room $200 BOOK NOW
Suite Lodging 1 day – 0 nights 2/3 guest twin/double/triple Suite Room $200 BOOK NOW
Cabin Lodging 1 day – 0 nights 2/3 guest twin/double/triple Cabin Room $258 BOOK NOW

* Friday/Saturday rates apply for national holidays.
* Please schedule your massages in advance with your trip advisor.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Resort accommodation

Thermal pools access

Preferential rates for guests (spa services)
Self guided trails

Transport (quito-papallacta-quito)
Restaurant & bar consumptions
Personal expenses, souvenirs, ad ons, pools spa
Spa services & treatments

Children allowed: yes
Child discount: Free stay
Children minimum age: any

Considered child: Under the age of 6
Discount Restriction: With an adult guest
Conditions & discounts subject to change

30% initial payment to confirm reservation (nonrefundable)
70% balance is due 30 days or earlier prior to resort entry
Cancellations 31+ days prior to entry: 30% cancellation fee

Cancellations 30 to 0 days prior to resort entry: 100% as cancellation fee
Force majeure (legal – medical) are fee exempt, with documentation proof
No kind of pets are not allowed at the resort, rooms or ground facilities

The above Terms & Conditions/Policies do not represent to a full extent all the terms & conditions by the Lodge, the most important and relevant clauses have been listed as a guideline, and are enforced by the tour operator to GreenGo Travel as your acting travel agent and subsequently to the end customer. In cases such as the initial percentage of payment required, the amount of days prior to cover the final balance & cancellation fees will be subject to our terms and conditions. A higher/lower initial payment, and additional time may be required to process your reservation.

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