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Huasquila Amazon Lodge
Categories: Superior, $100 to $199, Medium, Coca & Yasuni, High
Amazon Dolphin Lodge
Starting At: $600 USD
Fitness: Medium - High
Length: 4 - 5 Days
Places: Coca - Ecuador
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Located in the pañacocha protected forest reserve, Amazon Dolphin Lodge with (56,000 has) is the foundation of a biological passage linking Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. A humid tropical forest that holds a vast amount of flora and fauna.

Amazon Dolphin Lodge Highlights

The reserve features abundant wildlife throughout its forests where guests can potentially spot the Squirrel, Howler, Capuchin and night monkeys. Smaller species can also be found, like the Pigmy Marmosets and the Black-mantled Tamarin. It goes without saying the pink river dolphin is also spotted in the area. In the midst of Ecuadorian amazon rainforest, welcoming local bilingual guides will introduce guests to untouched rain forest. The lodge features a variety of programs to explore the surroundings, local culture, wildlife, and nature.

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Huasquila Amazon Lodge Details

Amazon Dolphin Lodge Features

Amazon Dolphin Lodge Features

Amazon Pink Dolphin

Amazon River Dolphin

An endemic species only found in the fresh waters of the amazonian rainforest basin, with a slight nuance variation in color ranging from light gray to flesh pink. Usually found in rivers and large areas of inundated forest where their prey (fish) is found in higher quantities, wonderful and playful creatures that are a delight to observe but not easy to come by as they tend to move with water levels and season.

The Panacocha Reserve

A network of rivers that travel through (56,000 has) of deep rainforest. Habitat for ocelots and jaguars, 9 monkey species, over 500 varieties of birds and much more. Panacocha plays an important role in joining two large vital areas of the Ecuadorian amazon. The Yasuni national park to its south, a world-known biosphere with over 982,000 hectares; and to its north, the biological reserve of Cuyabeno with over 600,000 hectares of primary rainforest. Panacocha lagoon is abundant with life, guests will appreciate the liveliness of the river dolphin found in these waters. Other activities guests can partake in are swimming in the lagoon or birdwatching during a river expedition in dugout canoes.


Ecuador has gone to great lengths to accrue the protection of large national parks, preserve endangered areas and scientific stations covering over 7.5 million acres of protected land. The Limoncocha Ecological Reserve, the Yasuni National Park Biosphere Reserve, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Panacocha Protected Forest among others, are part of the most renown efforts. Pristine virgin forest completely surrounded by many rivers like yasuni, Yuturi, Cononaco, Tivacuno and Tiputini. Amazon dolphin lodge is found in Pañacocha Forest, at the center of this massive national conservation park system.

Amazon Dolphin Lodge Itineraries 2017

4/5 DAYS ITINERARY  / 4 Days = day 1,2,4,5
Day 1 We depart Quito to the city of Coca. Travel down the Napo River, lunch is served during the trip with a 5pm arrival at the Amazon Dolphin Lodge in the Bosque Protector Pañacocha. Dinner. Night walk along a short trail to observe insect life, night monkeys, reptiles & much more.
Day 2 Early canoe ride in Pañacocha lagoon, observe a variety of birds visible from the waters edge & flooded forest. Return to the Lodge for breakfast. River canoeing, traverse through incredible flooded forest vegetation, observe riparian wildlife & tread through the islands created by vegetation to see the colonies of birds & their nests along the rivers edge. Hike along an exclusive trail to view the diversity of vegetation & terrestrial birds. Lunch on the trail. In the evening we will have fun fishing for piranhas. Dinner & relaxation. (Many opportunities to spot the pink amazon river dolphin throughout the day.)
Day 3 After Breakfast we go out on a jungle trail hiking adventure for 3 hours, traversing through wild virgin rainforest, heart of the Bosque Protector Pañacocha. We find a huge number of wild medicinal plants – used by local indigenous communities. Spot Mackaws, Parrots, Parakits, Tucans & other wild animals, insects & reptiles. In the afternoon native guides will share their knowledge about the use of the most feared weapon of the Ecuadorian Amazon known as the “Bodoquera or Cerbatana” the Amazonian Blowgun. Dinner. Night canoing in Panayacu river & Pañacocha lagoon. (Many opportunities to spot the pink amazon river dolphin throughout the day.)
Day 4 Early morning after breakfast, we cruise Panayacu river through the great Napo River to visit a local native community & learn about their customs & way of life. Optional crafts and handmade jewelry shopping. In the afternoon after lunch, we visit Wooley Monkey Island, an important protected reserve to protect and increase the Wooly monkey populations. Return to the Lodge. Dinner & relaxation.
Day 5 We depart Amazon Dolphin Lodge towards Coca first thing in the morning. Board a return flight back to Quito.

Huasquila Amazon Lodge Rates 2017

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* Prices are per person, and subject to change without prior notice
* All prices are in USD







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All Meals, water & tea

All Activities as listed
Transportation Coca-Lodge-Coca
Native & bilingual guide
Use of lodge facilities


Round bus (Quito-Coca-Quito), transport (landair)
Bar consumptions
Private naturalist guide
Personal expenses, travel insurance, souvenirs, tipping (guide & staff)
Personal items: flashlight, rain poncho
Transfer (hotel-airport/bus stop-hotel)




Bar Consumptions: Cash only
Private Guidance: $50 per day
Single Supplement: 50%


Programs subject to change
Rates are subject to change
Rates are per person in US dollars


Guests can share their cabin for no surcharge
Information verified by the Lodge Operator
Last information revision: 20-December-2016



Children Allowed: Yes
Children Minimum Age: None
Considered Child: Under the age of 12


Free Stay at Lodge: Under 5 years
Child Discount: 30%, 5 to 11 years
Child Discount Restriction: None, available all year



BUS (Quito - Coca - Quito)

Bus terminal: Quitumbe (south)
Travel time: Approximately 8 hours
Bus frequency: Every 2 to 3 hours
Bus fare: Approximately $10 per person
Pick up time: Approx 10:00 am
Luggage restriction: None
Pick up point: Oasis hotel


FLIGHT (Quito - Coca - Quito)

Departs from: Quito only
Flight time: 40 minutes
Commercial airlines: Tame
Ticket fare:
$180 (subject to change)
Departure time: Approx 09:15am (subject to change)
Luggage restriction: 20 kilos - 44 pounds
Pick up point: Airport upon arrival


20% initial payment to confirm reservation (Not Refundable)


80% Balance is due 8 days or earlier prior to departure

[/one_half_last]The above Terms & Conditions/Policies do not represent to a full extent all the terms & conditions by the Lodge, the most important and relevant clauses have been listed as a guideline, and are enforced by the tour operator to GreenGo Travel as your acting travel agent and subsequently to the end customer. In cases such as the initial percentage of payment required, the amount of days prior to cover the final balance & cancellation fees will be subject to our terms and conditions. A higher/lower initial payment, and additional time may be required to process your reservation.

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