Quito’s Best Fanesca – only in Spicy Bistro
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Quito’s Best Fanesca – only in Spicy Bistro

Quito’s best Fanesca is found in the Spicy Bistro Restaurant. In 2015, it was awarded as one of Quito’s top spots for this classic Ecuadorian specialty.

“Fanesca” is a delicious and traditional Ecuadorian stew, made just once a year, around Easter. It features all of the Andean region’s most important natural products, with an additional coastal fusion to enhance the flavors. It is now a dish that has become the symbol of national cuisine: it has 12 grains, like the 12 apostles, and is complemented with piece of dried cod.

Quito Best Fanesca ingredients
fanesca ingredients

Every year, Quito Tourism and the University of the Americas organize the contest “Quito’s best places to taste Fanesca.” In 2015, 12 establishments were selected as the winners; of course, the Mercure Hotel Alameda was among the recommended sites! In a beautiful ceremony that took place in the Convent of La Merced, it was awarded the honor of Best Fanesca. It has now been ten years since this contest first began, and the Mercure Hotel Alameda has always been included as one of the best places in the capital of Ecuador to taste the exquisite Fanesca.

The competition’s parameters are very strict because, aside from judging the dish’s preparation (which must keep to the Ecuadorian traditional methods), judges take into account the restaurants’ sanitary conditions and services provided.

The Mercure Hotel Alameda passed all tests. Executive, Chef Angel Valdivieso, originally from the city of Riobamba, has specialized and perfected the recipe. He says he learned to prepare this typical dish called Fanesca in the Sierra from the Fanesca from his grandmother, whose traditional wisdom he applies in his cooking.

Quito best fanesca Spicy Restaurant
Hotel Mercure - Spicy Bistro Restaurant
The Fanesca of the Mercure Hotel Alameda can be tasted in the hotel’s Spicy Bistro Restaurant. As quite a dense dish, it is served according to the taste of each person: it is possible to order only Fanesca, or, if your appetite is greater, the complete dish including molo (mashed potatoes served in a bed of lettuce) and a delicious rice pudding or fig and cheese dessert.

To keep the traditions of holiday cuisine, the Mercure Hotel Alameda offers an Easter Lunch, which includes lamb, fish, and—of course—Fanesca. It will also offer a courtesy glass of wine. Remember that the hotel has free parking for its customers. To taste in family and in the comfort of each home, the Mercure Hotel Alameda also offers take-out service.

So that no one is left without trying Fanesca, the hotel will continue offering the stew for about a week after Easter. For more information, visit www.mercurequito.com.ec. The best Fanesca in Quito waits for you—remember, we collaborate to preserve the traditions of our Ecuador.
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