Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing Experience-Harness the Winds
August 2, 2019
Mary Anne-galapagos sailing-Mary Anne sailing the Sea
by on August 2, 2019

Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing Experience-Harness the Winds

The most genuine way to have true connection to the seas is aboard a sailboat. This blog goes into details of one of the finest, the Mary Anne sailboat. Explore the waters as the pioneers of old, in the most eco-friendly and magnificent manner.


Many guests argue that the old school methods of seafaring are best for cruising the beautiful lagoons and endless seas of the Galapagos. This way of travel relies on the winds with the assistance of the booms, masts, ropes and sails. Traveling in this manner, you will develop a unique insight of the travel methods utilized by the crew of the famous scientist Charles Darwin and his famed Theory of Evolution or Galapagos founder Tomas De Berlanga, bishop of Panama.  Additionally, get a peek at one of the finest vessels on the waters with the Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing Experience.

A Fading Legacy

Sailing vessels in the Galapagos Islands are the lone remnants of a historical method of travel. As these numbers dwindle, the luxury of modern Yachts and Catamarans surpass the luxury commonly present aboard sailing vessels. Generally, these boats provide a higher level of comfort and spaciousness for guests. Additionally, the majority of sailing ships tend to be smaller in size, less stable, and consist of fewer amenities. Because of this, more and more guests are turning their backs towards sailing ships and jumping onto the cruises.

Just for Show

Another unfortunate aspect of the majority of sailing vessels voyaging the Galapagos is that the sails are a façade, a pretty picture without true utility. There is a reason for this, as Galapagos has strict regulations to abide. With tight scheduling as thousands of guests visit the park yearly, congestion would occur were it not for the professional coordination of Galapagos Conservation authorities. Often times the winds of the Galapagos are insufficient to provide proper speeds to meet these schedules, so the engines must be fired up due to the loss of time from sailing. Consequently, these sails will be put up only to navigate short distances or for entertainment purposes.

Alas… there is a ship in the Galapagos that makes an exception of this for the majority of the travels. Read on to find out more in the next section.

SS Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing Experience


The Mary Anne defies the stereotypical qualities of other sailing vessels. This triple-masted colossal is the largest sailing yacht available, easily exceeding all others exploring the Galapagos Archipelago. It is a true presence in the waters with 172 feet in length and mast beams of 26 feet in height. Because of this size and build, the vessel avoids the issues plaguing other ships. This means smooth sailing, spacious cabins and living areas, and a superior level of comfort.

Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing - Sunset
Leaning over the rails of the stunning Mary Anne
A Genuine Sailing Vessel

The Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing experience is unique in that it spends the majority of the time with its sails in full use. With its large sails, the ship efficiently utilizes the command of wind to move swiftly and meet tight schedule times. This is the only ship in the Galapagos that can complete its itinerary without assistance. As you navigate the unique elements, you will appreciate that the sails aren’t just for photos; they are powering your journey in an environmentally friendly way in a manner our ancestors traveled.

Historical Nautical Experience

Passengers experience a unique and genuine nautical experience on this ship. Many guests aboard the Mary Anne have reported a reminiscence of old times consisting of an exhilarating sensation of being transported by natural means. The account of these voyagers tells of an unparalleled experience in comparison with modern engines propelling the majority of journeys.

Silent and Swift

Using wind for power, you will have the highest likelihood of viewing wildlife from the sides of the ship. Engines and motors are loud, scaring off curious creatures such as dolphins and fish. By harnessing wind, animals can make a comfortable approach to the ship to swim alongside and show off their beauty, not to mention acrobatic leaps.

Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing Facilities


The ship has a capacity of sixteen guests, a perfect number for an intimate Galapagos voyage. The Mary Anne sailing yacht contains twelve spacious cabins with private bathrooms. One guest described them as  “shockingly spacious.” Additionally, there are a large number of single cabins. This feature is typically nonexistent on other Galapagos vessels. The majority of other boats provide double or twin cabins with a capacity for two guests. All rooms have en suite air conditioning to make your room cozy as can be after a long day of adventure. During my time spent cruising the Galapagos, I slept like a baby with the level of comfort provided by the ship.

Living areas

After a long day of exploration and excitement, there is no doubt you will be exhausted and ready to relax. Enjoy at your leisure the library to catch up on your reading. If reading isn’t your fancy, there is a television on board to watch a movie. Are you more into socializing? Grab a professionally crafted cocktail at the bar and head over to the lounge area to laugh and banter with your family, neighbors, and friends. One thing that needs mentioning is the delicious appetizers provided during cocktail hour. Lastly, the astonishing views from the sun deck will not let you forget you are in one of the most pristine locations on the planet.

Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing - Exterior Lounge & Dining Room
There are spectacular living areas on the Mary Anne

Snorkeling Equipment

Bringing equipment is too much of a bother, and this ship provides everything you need for snorkeling. This includes fins, snorkel, and mask. If you get chilly, wetsuit rental is incredibly affordable costing 25 or 50 dollars for the entire duration depending on how long you choose to stay on the ship. You might have children, or be a person with an abundance of energy. Luckily, this ship has two kayaks to paddle around and explore the picturesque waters during designated times.  Check out some of the beautiful species you can see underwater!

Cuisine on the Mary Anne Galapagos sailing experience

The Mary Anne will provide exquisite meals three times daily. Here you will find a plethora of professionally crafted meals orchestrated by culinary experts and served by a professional crew. Highlights include the Savory Ecuadorian inspired dishes, which constantly have guests begging the waiters for recipes. Personally, I almost catapulted out of bed to get to the dining area, as the breakfasts were incredibly tasty. By the time lunch and dinners rolled around, all the excitement of adventure had me starving again!

Mary Anne Galapagos Sailing- Exterior Meal
Dining on the Maryanne


If this trip sounds like a match for you, have a look at Mary Anne’s website for the specifics about the ship and route. Anything other inquiries can be directed to the Greengotravel’s staff, where you can ask as many questions about the trip and they will answer until you feel satisfied.

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