Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries

Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries

Learn about the Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries. There a few to choose from, so this blog details some of the different possibilities along with the facilities on board.

Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries


Planning a Galapagos trip may seem a little intimidating. With so many available options, choosing the best fit can be overwhelming. If you are like me, knowing all the details before the trip can make all the difference in creating a successful trip, especially when planning a vacation to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. One of the cruise ships that is a shining beacon of all the cruises is the newest and arguably most luxurious to “set sail” in the crystal waters of the Galapagos Islands: The Galapagos Infinity Luxury Cruise. 

This cruise was introduced to the Galapagos Islands in late 2018, making it the most modern.  The Infinity Luxury cruise stands out not only because of its recent inception. It also provides an elevated level of service and personalized experience which will be elaborated as you read on.

With so many different activities and opportunities, choice in your trip is absolutely key to make your trip perfect. You may be thinking all Galapagos cruises are likely similar. Having been, I now know that there are many factors that come to play on these cruises and having a choice in your trip is crucial. By choosing one of the Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries, the voyage is a completely customizable experience where YOU get to choose what you want to do based on what appeals to you the most.

Read on to discover the finer details and exactly how this Infinity cruise can help you create your dream vacation in the Galapagos Paradise.

Extra Galapagos National park Guide

One of the features that separate the Galapagos infinity luxury cruise is the capacity of twenty guests versus sixteen.  This four-guest difference may not seem major, but this means that the rule of one national guide per sixteen guests applies.  As a result, you are provided with an extra National Park guide on board.  Part of what made me and my families’ Galapagos cruise truly special was our guide, who continues to linger in our memories and tales when we recount our Galapagos adventure.

Work is extremely competitive when it comes to the Galapagos, especially with naturalist guides. This means that your Galapagos guide will be the best of the best: a great personality, entertaining, incredibly knowledgeable, and very helpful in providing all your needs. Not to mention a comedian. Moreover, having an extra guide on board means that the group is smaller and more intimate.  You will undoubtedly have many questions pop into your head as you witness the Flora and fauna doing unexplainable actions. With a smaller group, you will have more opportunity to ask away without having to worry about competing for the attention of your guide.  Lastly, your guide will make sure you follow all the rules to keep yourself safe and maintain the delicate balance of the Galapagos ecosystem.

First-Class Safety

All Galapagos cruises take security as the first priority, and the infinity is no exception.   The yacht features state-of-the-art safety, and the staff is professionally prepared for any situation they may arise.

Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries- Jacuzzi Area
Sit back and relax on deck of the Infinity

Luxurious Cabins and Main Deck

Last but not least is the spacious interior cabins with en-suite bathrooms. Each room sports a private balcony perfect for relaxing, reading, and of course watching for dolphins.  You’ll have air conditioning to maintain the temperature of your preference, and plenty of storage place for clothing and personal items.

After a long day of activity, you will be craving a delicious cocktail and a professionally prepared meal crafted by culinary experts. The extravagant lounge and bar area provides spectacular views and comfortable areas to relax, rest your feet, and enjoy your company.  The only thing that can make your afternoon better is a nice dip in the hot tub before bed.

Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries- Twin Cabin
Commodious Cabins of the Infinity

Infinity Itineraries

As you dive into these Infinity Galapagos Cruise Itineraries, keep in mind that there is no particular itinerary that is better than another.  It is completely a matter of preference. Some of the factors to consider is the duration of time spent on the cruise, preference of land or sea excursions (snorkeling, scuba diving, etc), and which creatures are most important for you to see.  While one guest may be dying to see the sea lions frolicking in the water or the giant Galapagos tortoise, an avid bird watcher may have more interest in checking off the Galapagos finches on their “birds to see” list. This is why the customization of this trip is a truly special option.

Itinerary Overview

The Galapagos Infinity Cruise Itineraries offer a total of fifteen days of unique activities as you cruise the archipelago.  These fifteen days are separated into two itineraries of eight days. Customize your trip by choosing the route and duration of your trip.  Both itineraries offer a full eight-day excursion, while Itinerary A allows you to choose smaller durations of four or five days.  Full details on the route diagram and full details of the islands



  • Wildlife settlements
  • Pristine Snorkeling
  • Giant Tortoise sightings
  • Birding paradise

Wildlife settlements

As you cruise across the southern and center islands, you have the benefit of viewing the many wildlife settlements. The center island of Santa Cruz is renowned for the abundance of Flora and Fauna, including the magnificent Giant Tortoises frequently spotted in the highlands. These long-living gentle giants are famous worldwide for their grand stature, and they definitely are something to see.


One of my personal favorite activities of the Galapagos was the many spectacular snorkeling adventures. Floreana island particularly stands out, as it is famous for having the best snorkeling spots of all the islands.  Here you will float above an underwater metropolis exploding with color and teeming with life.  While swimming, you will also have a great opportunity to see Galapagos fur seals and Sea turtles.

Birding Paradise

Gorgeous view of Genovesa Island
Of those that have had to the delight of being aboard the infinity on this itinerary, all rave about the remote Genovesa island.  One of the reasons for its magnificence apart from its remoteness is that it is a bird paradise.  The island is saturated with thousands of gorgeous birds that have been evolving in isolation for millions of years. Don’t forget your binoculars!

This Genovesa trek includes the famed “prince Phillips steps” leading to an unforgettable vantage point sitting atop an immense cliff. Overhead you will see owls, red-footed booby, shorebirds and the Magnificent Frigate birds, a large aerodynamic bird that dive bombs other birds to steal their prized food.  Along the coastline, Hammerhead sharks cruise the waters.   Keep an eye out for the lava gulls, the rarest gull in the world.



  • A high population of endemic species
  • Sierra Negra volcano
  • Exploration of the most remote islands
  • The largest colony of Galapagos penguins and marine iguanas

This trip is only available in an eight-day departure, appealing to those who are looking for a long relaxing stay. One of the advantages of this option is you maximize the area covered, reaching the remotest and least traveled islands. Since the ship won’t be stopping to pick up new visitors or dropping off your cabin neighbors, more time will be spent on the adventure.  Who doesn’t want more time exploring the islands and sightseeing?

The Western Islands

Cruise the Western islands, youngest and most pristine of all the islands. On the journey, you will visit the largest island of Galapagos, Isabella. This island was forged by six different volcanos, providing the home to the largest colony of marine iguanas.  While on my Galapagos cruise, I was in disbelief as I saw these agile creatures folding in their arms and using their tails to propel down to the seafloor like a torpedo to chomp on marine algae mere feet from my eyes. These creatures can spend up to an entire hour underwater!

The Sierra Negra

Only active volcano of the Galapagos you can visit
Trek the Sierra Negra volcano, the sole volcano of the islands which permits land excursions.

Here you will walk amongst an active volcano with steam venting from its fissures.

Your path will bring you along with solid volcanic rock carpeting the landscape, perhaps giving an idea of what it would be like walking on the moon.

Your guide will lead you to a massive crater where you will be mesmerized by the gorgeous view.

For more information about Galapagos volcanoes,

take a look at this article about the stunning volcanoes of the GalapagosThey are truly amazing.

Biodiversity Hotspot

As you travel the Western loop of this Infinity Galapagos Itinerary, you will be in the presence of the area with the most biological diversity in the Galapagos Islands. This area is a hotspot of endemic species, boasting the largest colony of Galapagos penguins. These species are found nowhere else in the world outside of the Galapagos Islands. Here you will watch the penguins acrobatically dance and dive the crystal clear waters as they attempt to outmaneuver fish. On land, they cutely waddle across the rocky landscape.


Aquatic Equipment

Often times traveling can be a pain. Nobody wants to lug their own heavy equipment through the airport.  Nor pay entirely too much to stay at a nice hotel in the city before the trip. I personally brought equipment to the cruise I chose, and I wish I had this service.  The infinity cruise simplifies this process for you by providing full-body wetsuits for those in the family that get a little chilly in the water.  Additionally, provided quality snorkeling equipment will fit like a glove to keep you comfortable and cramp-free.  Want to take great photos but don’t have a three thousand dollar water case?  Infinity has you covered with a high-quality underwater camera to capture your favorite moments to bring home with you.  For anything else that you need to bring, take a peek at this list of clothing for your cruise.

Transportation and Hotels

Infinity takes a step further by providing professional and free airport assistance, and safe transportation to and from the airport. Equally important, you will have a bilingual guide to remove any language barrier between you and locals. To help you settle in, we invite you to a luxury hotel in Quito or Guayaquil, free of charge.  Lastly, there are many cases in which customers will have access to unique discounts.  This makes the Infinity a fantastic luxury option to explore.

The Galapagos Islands is a trip that will provide incredible and long-lasting memories. If one of the Galapagos Infinity Cruise itineraries piques your interest, be sure to talk to the representatives of Greengo travel, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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