Infinity Galapagos Cruise Airfare – Flight Guide
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Infinity Galapagos Cruise Airfare – Flight Guide

An easy to understand guide for all flight related details to the Infinity Galapagos Yacht

The Infinity is a luxury yacht that launched its operation in late 2018. It is now part of a fleet of vessels that have been cruising the islands for nearly a decade. This is one of the best ways to visit the Galapagos.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the ship and the itineraries, and explain how to handle your flights to get aboard the cruise without any issue. The Infinity cruise has a few details that are unlike other cruises, so there are a few things worth knowing.

Introduction to the Infinity

infinity galapagos cruise airfare - introduction
Galapagos Tourists Sightseeing fur seal
First off, here’s a little bit of interesting info about the yacht itself:

The Infinity has private balconies for all of its cabins, which are considered staterooms, and has an unusual capacity of 20 guests.

This capacity is an odd number considering Galapagos by law requires one naturalist guide  for every 16 passengers. To meet this requirement, the Infinity features two guides for its 20 passengers.

This is why you’ll usually see Galapagos ships with passenger capacities in multiples of 16; they’re trying to get the most out of their guides.

But for the Infinity, this provides a ratio for a fully booked departure of 1 guide for every 10 guests, versus the standard 16 to 1 ratio found in most vessels. This makes for a more personalized and unique experience for guests aboard the Infinity. You’ll get more out of your guides, since the ratio is so much smaller.

If you want to know more about the features of this yacht, you can check out all the details here.

The bottom line is that it’s a brand new ship that has absolutely great reviews. Kayaks, on board Jacuzzi, solarium, outdoor dining area and bar, snorkel gear and wet suits, you name it, it’s got everything you need to have a great time in the Galapagos.

Now let’s get into how you can make your boarding experience as smooth as possible.

Infinity Galapagos Cruise Airfare – Guidelines

infinity galapagos cruise airfare - itineraries and flight
Galapagos Airline
Cruises have worked their logistics and programs based on a specific airlines and flight schedules, so it’s pretty well always best to follow the individual cruise’s recommendations in this regard. This is the breakdown for all programs available aboard the Infinity and the official flight information they use for their Galapagos .

The official airline that’s paired with all of the Infinity’s cruises is Avianca Ecuador, which is a local airline (although they have variants of the company in other countries too). These are the flight recommendations based on cruise itinerary:

Inbound Flight: #AV1632 / Departs Quito 06:50 / Arrives Baltra 09:20
Outbound Flight: #AV1633 / Departs Baltra 10:05 / Arrives Quito 14:50
Galapagos Airports: Starts and ends in the Baltra airport
Operational Days: Tuesday to Friday

Inbound Flight: #AV1632 / Departs Quito 06:50 / Arrives Baltra 09:20
Outbound Flight: #AV1631 / Departs San Cristobal 13:20 / Arrives Quito 17:45
Galapagos Airports: Starts in Baltra, ends in San Cristobal airport
Operational Days: Friday to Tuesday

Inbound Flight: #AV1632 / Departs Quito 06:50 / Arrives Baltra 09:20
Outbound Flight: #AV1631 / Departs San Cristobal 13:20 / Arrives Quito 17:45
Galapagos Airports: Starts in Baltra, ends in San Cristobal airport
Operational Days: Tuesday to Tuesday

Inbound Flight: #AV1630 / Departs Quito 10:15 / Arrives San Cristobal 12:40
Outbound Flight: #AV1633 / Departs San Cristobal 10:05 / Arrives Quito 14:50
Galapagos Airports: Starts in San Cristobal, ends in Baltra airport
Operational Days: Tuesday to Tuesday

If you’re considering a combined itinerary, you’ll have to piece together some of the official flight information listed above. Use the first day of the first itinerary for your arrival, and the last day of the second itinerary for your departure.

One thing that you definitely need to be aware of when you’re planning your trip is that the Galapagos Islands are in a different time zone than mainland Ecuador. Ecuador is at UTC (GMT)-5. whereas the Galapagos are at UTC (GMT)-6. Make sure you adjust your watch as you’re traveling, you don’t want to miss the boat.

Fun Fact: Galapagos Islands time is abbreviated as GALT. Ok, so not the funnest of facts, but it could come in handy if you’re confused with your itinerary.

Extended Visits

infinity galapagos cruise airfare - extended visits
Galapagos Speedboat
If you’re considering entering the islands a few days earlier to explore the islands themselves, you can enter through a different airport and using a different flight if you want. The one thing to keep in mind for this is that you’ll need to take care of your own transportation to the cruise itself, which means sorting out public transportation.

I’d really recommend taking a look at GreenGo’s information page on getting on the islands if you’re going to go it alone. It’s a bit more complicated than simply landing in another country and hopping off the plane, since it’s a very protected area. There are also some extra fees and requirements to be aware of. If you can’t provide what’s required, you will very likely be denied entry until you can get it sorted.

If you’re wanting to experience a bit of Galapagos culture, though, this can be a really fun experience. There are lots of small shops and towns to visit, (did you know that the Galapagos produces premium coffee?) so this could be something that could really enhance your stay.

Inter-island transportation is available with public ferries or a private small internal airline (with even smaller aircraft), the former being the most budget-conscious but longer option, and the latter being the most expensive but quickest option.

The same would apply if you want to extend your stay towards the end of your trip. You can either plan in advance and make sure you’re departing from the correct island, or explore the islands and use internal transportation methods in order to make your way back to the required airport in order to board your returning flight back to mainland.

Ultimately, your Galapagos trip can be as flexible as you want to be. If you need any additional help in figuring out the logistics of your vacation, reach out to the guys at GreenGo Travel. They do a great job of taking care of the details and are always up to date with the latest information.

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