Highlights of the Camila Galapagos Cruise

Highlights of the Camila Galapagos Cruise

The inception of the Camila Galapagos cruise began in 2018. Since then, it has garnered a reputation from all guests that have had the pleasure to sail onboard. Visitors are raving about the highlights of the Camila Galapagos cruise, with its spectacular design, unbeatable features, and incredible itinerary options. Take a look!

The inception of the Camila Galapagos cruise began in 2018. Since then, it has garnered quite a reputation from all guests that have had the pleasure to sail onboard. Visitors are raving about the highlights of the Camila Galapagos cruise, with its spectacular design, unbeatable features, and incredible itinerary options.

So without further ado, see what is in store for you if you decide to hop on the Camila Galapagos Cruise in 2020.

Home Sweet Home – Highlights of the Camila Galapagos Cruise in 2020

Since you will be cruising for up to eight days, you want it to feel like home. The designers of the Camila understand this and went all out in providing the most comfortable, homey, and stylish “casa.”

One of the most unique highlights of the Camila in that every stateroom has an outdoor balcony to admire some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever witness.

At any point during the cruise, you can escape to this balcony and take all the Galapagos in. Often I would come out to the balcony on these cruises with my travel companion and share a cocktail and discuss the incredible day we just had.

If I could wake up to this every morning, I'd always be happy!

These staterooms have all the amenities you could think of, including toiletries, hairdryers, spacious compartments for clothing, standard outlets for charging electronics, reading lights, a couch, a bathroom, and hot showers.

Additionally, these rooms have large panoramic windows to view the landscapes. However, one of my favorite highlights of the Camila Galapagos cruise cabins is the style of the rooms. These cabins have large colorful tapestries full of Galapagos wildlife on the wall behind the beds. I’d rank them number one for cabin style!

Staterooms Available on the Camila 

Main Deck

2 Double Staterooms. Dimensions: 344 ft2 / 32 m2 (each),

2 Double Staterooms. Dimensions: 312 ft2 / 29 m2 (each),

Upper Deck

4 Staterooms. Dimensions: 312 ft2 / 29 m2

Not too shabby of a place to sleep, huh?

Living areas – Highlights of the Camila Galapagos Cruise in 2020

In between excursions, passengers generally tend to gravitate toward the sundeck and outdoor areas. This is likely due to the incredible scenery that is ever-present. Besides, relaxing outside is always better when the weather is nice!

Camila’s Outdoor Areas

Luckily, the Camila has one of the finest outdoor areas of luxury cruises. Moreover, the sun deck Jacuzzi looks phenomenal. Is there any better place to relax after going snorkeling? Especially when you can get a tasty Ecuadorian beer. Better yet, the Galapagos cruises started serving Galapagos craft beer!

Another benefit I love about the Camila cruise in 2020 is that the outdoor areas have a good balance of sun and shade. You can still relax in the outdoors, but also move into the shade after you have had your fill of sun. After all, the sun at the equator can be really strong. Don’t forget your reef-safe sunscreen!

The Jacuzzi is calling you. Can you feel it?

The Dining room and Bar

Make sure you try at least one of the fancy cocktails that the professional bartenders can whip up at one of the two bars (indoor and outdoor! The selection is extensive so you can find just about anything you desire.

The dining experience on all Galapagos cruises is marvelous. You will often serve buffet style, where you can eat to your heart’s desire. The Camila has an intimate and stylish looking dining room where you can talk about all the incredible experiences you are having while dining on delicious food!

Delicious food. Delicious view. Camila has it all.

Galapagos Itinerary Highlights of the Camila Cruise in 2020

One of the most magnificent highlights of the Camila Galapagos cruise in 2020 is the wide array of itineraries and duration options. Everybody has there own idea of how long they want to stay. However, at a minimum, I would recommend five days.

If you can’t stand that long on a ship, you can also consider the land-based options! This is also a viable option for anyone prone to seasickness! Now, let’s move onto some of the itinerary highlights of the Camila Galapagos cruise in 2020!

Program A

These aren't your average penguins
Program A is the “Long Cruise” which entails eight magical days exploring eight of the thirteen major islands of the Galapagos

Highlights include witnessing the adorable Galapagos penguins on Punta Espinoza, and the colorful hybrid Iguanas of South Plaza islands where the land and marine iguanas mix.

This island also has a huge colony of sea lions, where you can often see babies and nursing sea lions.

The snorkeling around Devil’s crown on Floreana Island is renowned, and the sea life is abundant beyond measure.

You will see sharks, vividly colored fish, eels, rays, and more!

To see all the highlights of this program and the others, see the Camila home page.

Program B, B4, and B5

Program B has three available options. You can stick along for all eight days, or you can choose between four days (B4) and five days (B5)


Ready to snorkel kicker rock?
B4 begins with a bang, where you will snorkel through one of the most famous snorkel sites in the world, Kicker rock. When I visited, I saw rays, 10+ sea turtles, big sharks, and giant schools of fish.

Here you will also have the opportunity to see the hammerheads!

Later, you can see all three species of the famous boobies on Pitt Point. The baby boobies look like giant puffs of snow, and you can’t help but laugh watching them stare at you.

One of my favorites on this B4 Itinerary is Bachas beach.

I have never been to a more gorgeous and pristine beach.

Additionally, it has flamingos in a lagoon after a 15-minute walk along the beach.

While snorkeling offshore, I chanced upon two eels poking there head out of the coral. The number of spectacles like this will blow your mind!


Got something on your mind?
The highlights on the Camila Cruise B5 Itinerary also looks incredible. From the beginning, you will observe sharks and stingrays on the southern beach of Bartholome island. Later you will get to snorkel and see the tropical penguins!

You’ll see the red sand beaches of Rabida Island, with an unbelievable amount of birds flying around. On a hike, you’ll find a brackish lagoon full of Galapagos Flamingos. How in the world did they get there?

On Santa Cruz, you’ll go on a hike through the highlands where you will see the famous Galapagos Tortoise. These guys can live up to 150+ years and weigh 500 pounds. I don’t even know how they can walk with all that weight, even if it is divided between all four legs! It is truly amazing to see these creatures we often see at home, but one hundred times larger!

These excursions are only a fraction of the highlights. You’ll be doing two to three excursions per day, with a mix of snorkeling and hiking. Every day will be something new, exciting, and of course beautiful.


Ending Notes – Galapagos Itinerary Highlights of the Camila Cruise in 2020

The Galapagos Islands, for many, is a once in a lifetime trip. The memories created and moments shared are unforgettable, and you’ll surely hold them in your heart for all time.  One of the luxury cruises that can enhance this experience even further is the Camila, and the highlights of this cruise are really special.

If you have any further questions about what this ship can provide, start a dialogue with the GreenGo travel staff. They are friendly, patient, and always quick to reply! Thanks for reading.


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