Galapagos Tours from Quito: Explore Enchanting Wildlife
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Galapagos Tours From Quito

Galapagos Tours from Quito: Explore Enchanting Wildlife

Quito to Galapagos: Your Gateway to Enchanting Wildlife Adventures

Embarking on Galapagos tours from Quito involves choosing between wildlife encounters, luxury cruises, or active adventures. Understanding this crucial first step, our guide covers practical aspects such as travel duration and tour diversity, arming you with the information you need to navigate the possibilities for your adventure from Ecuador’s capital to the legendary archipelago.

Key Takeaways

  • Galapagos tours from Quito cater to various preferences, offering luxurious cruises, adventure-packed expeditions, unique wildlife experiences, and educational and customizable travel packages to engage with the archipelago’s natural beauty and biodiversity.
  • Travel packages can be combined to include both the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon, offering a comprehensive experience of Ecuador’s diverse ecosystems through all-inclusive tours with accommodations, meals, guided excursions, and flights.
  • You can take it a step further by requesting your travel advisor to design a custom-made tour (CMT) tailored to your interests, particularly if you wish to explore Ecuador’s premier highlights. This tour would encompass the Galapagos, a distinctive and unparalleled destination, as well as the Amazon, offering an entirely different adventure. You’ll have the opportunity to discover remote regions with unique flora and fauna and immerse yourself in the distinct culture, landscapes, and scenery that Ecuador uniquely presents.
  • Planning a trip to the Galapagos involves considering the timing, type of tour, booking flights well in advance, and preparing in terms of packing appropriate gear to ensure a seamless experience.

Discovering Galapagos from Quito: Top Tours to Consider

Luxury Galapagos cruise ship with the stunning Galapagos Islands in the background

The top 10 Galapagos tours cater to every travel preference, ensuring unforgettable experiences. These tours include:

  1. Luxurious cruises
  2. Adventure-packed expeditions
  3. Wildlife-focused tours
  4. Snorkeling and diving excursions
  5. Hiking and trekking adventures
  6. Photography tours
  7. Family-friendly tours
  8. Educational tours
  9. Island-hopping tours
  10. Customized tours

Exploring the Galapagos Islands, located in South America, through a tour from Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, provides an unforgettable experience. The unique wildlife and awe-inspiring beauty of the islands captivate every traveler.

Take, for example, the Elite Galapagos Cruise, which delivers a high-end exploration of this South American archipelago. This Galapagos cruises tour offers an opulent way to explore the stunning scenery and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands with upscale accommodations, gourmet dining, and expert-led guided excursions.

Adventure seekers might consider options like the Ultimate Galapagos 6-Day Tour or specialized cruises such as the Coral I & II, which provide a comprehensive exploration of the Eastern and Western Galapagos Islands.

Luxury Cruise Experiences

If you’re after a lavish exploration of the Galapagos, luxury cruises blend style and comfort in perfect harmony. These cruises stand out for their luxurious accommodations, delectable food, and knowledgeable guides who provide a unique perspective on the islands’ various ecosystems.

The Alya Luxury Cruise, for example, indulges travelers with cabins featuring private balconies, comfortable beds, and stunning ocean views. Another premium option is the Eco Galaxy Cruise, with its comfortable cabins equipped with twin or double beds, private bathrooms, and modern amenities such as air conditioning and internet communication. Both cruises include visits to Baltra Island, a key gateway to the Galapagos.

On these cruises, guests can participate in a range of activities, including:

  • guided island walks
  • kayaking
  • snorkeling
  • swimming
  • panga rides
  • wildlife watching
  • photography

This promises a diverse and enriching experience.

Adventure-Packed Expeditions

For the bold at heart, the Galapagos presents a wide array of exhilarating expeditions. From ascending active volcanoes to kayaking alongside sea turtles, sharks, and sea lions, the archipelago presents a world of adventures awaiting your discovery.

GreenGo Travel is also capable of customizing a unique land-based itinerary in the Galapagos, which is known as island hopping. GALAPAGOS, land-based, provides a unique perspective on the Galapagos’ outstanding natural beauty. We not only offer exciting tours, but we can also assist with booking Galapagos flights from Quito or Guayaquil and all other extensions in Ecuador, such as Quito hotels, Guayaquil hotels, transfers, and all logistics, to make sure everything goes according to plan and works like clockwork.

Combined Amazon and Galapagos Packages

Travelers looking for a comprehensive exploration of Ecuador’s diverse ecosystems might find combined Amazon and Galapagos packages particularly appealing. These packages, such as the Best of Amazon and Galapagos Tour and the Ecuador Small Cruise Adventures, pair the enchanting wildlife and landscapes of the Galapagos with the rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, providing a comprehensive and unforgettable journey.

A high-value sample program would look like this:

  • All meals at Sacha Lodge & Mashpi Lodge
  • Accommodations
  • Guided excursions
  • Airport transfers
  • Galapagos & Coca air tickets

This makes your journey both comfortable and hassle-free.

Island Hopping Adventures: Getting Up Close with Wildlife

Group of travelers observing marine iguanas during an island hopping tour in the Galapagos

Island-hopping adventures provide an immersive experience of the Galapagos Islands. These tours provide a rich and immersive experience, enabling travelers to discover each island’s unique offerings, from its unique wildlife to its distinctive landscapes.

Whether it’s exploring Floreana Island’s local birds and amazing wildlife, participating in kayak outings and surf lessons on Isabela Island, or ascending the dramatic Sierra Negra Volcano, island-hopping adventures in Santa Cruz offer a plethora of opportunities for close encounters with the islands’ unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery, including the stunning Santa Cruz Island.

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GreenGo Travel Galapagos Island Hopping

Our island-hopping tour provides:

  • A well-rounded and economical experience
  • Public and private transportation for a budget-friendly approach to discovering the archipelago
  • Comfortable lodging
  • A range of immersive activities

The accommodations during the tour include hotels with a high standard of comfort throughout your journey. With a duration of 4 to 10 days. Tours provide ample time to explore the distinctive environments and wildlife of the Galápagos Islands.

Customizable Travel Packages: Quito, Guayaquil & Beyond

Travelers who prefer to design their own itinerary might find customizable travel packages a suitable choice. These packages allow travelers to tailor their Galapagos tours with visits to the capital, where you will come across plenty of things to do in Quito, Guayaquil, and other exciting destinations in Ecuador.

These customizable packages offer a range of options that encompass hotels, airport transfers, and city tours in Quito or Guayaquil, as well as tours from Quito to other exciting destinations. They provide travelers with the flexibility to plan their journey according to their individual preferences, whether they wish to explore more of Ecuador’s urban centers or focus on the Galapagos’ stunning natural beauty.

Quito and Guayaquil Galapagos Travel Packages

Quito and Guayaquil Galapagos Travel Packages offer a comprehensive exploration of Ecuador’s urban centers before or after your Galapagos adventure. These packages typically encompass hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and guided city tours.

For instance, the packages include a two-night stay in a Quito hotel, one night in a Guayaquil hotel, and offer breakfast and private airport/hotel transfers. Certain packages also feature a three-night stay in a first-class hotel. The packages provide flights from Quito or Guayaquil to the Galapagos Islands, with additional options for boat travel.

Round-Trip Guayaquil Galapagos Travel Package

The Round-Trip Guayaquil Galapagos Travel Package includes:

  • Accommodation in Quito
  • A city tour in Quito
  • A Galapagos cruise
  • Round-trip flights between Guayaquil and Baltra

This package is a convenient option for travelers starting and ending their journey in Guayaquil.

The package also includes visits to some of Guayaquil’s primary points of interest, such as:

  • Malecon 2000
  • Las Peñas
  • La Zona Rosa
  • The Cathedral of Guayaquil
  • Iguana Park
  • The Artisan Market

This offers a comprehensive exploration of the city’s vibrant culture, attractions, and its UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tips for Planning Your Galapagos Adventure from Quito

Traveler booking flight tickets for Galapagos tours from Quito online

While planning a trip to the Galapagos may initially seem daunting, a few practical tips can help ensure a smooth and memorable journey. From booking flights to choosing the right tour and preparing for your trip, we’ve got you covered with essential advice to get you ready for your Galapagos adventure.

Consider factors like the timing of the trip, the type of cruise, and specific package inclusions when booking flights, selecting a Galapagos tour from Quito, or preparing for your trip. With the right planning, your Galapagos experience can be as seamless as it is unforgettable.

Booking Flights to Galapagos

Just a heads up about Galapagos cruises and flights. Most cruises prefer that you book your airfare through them. Why? Well, they’ve worked out special rates with the airlines, so they ask that all their guests book flights as part of the cruise package. If you choose to book your flight separately, keep in mind that there might be a penalty fee from the cruise.

But hey, we get it—sometimes you might want to use your airline miles, find a better deal online, or just want an easier connection without the hassle of checking bags in and out. It’s all about what works best for you. And don’t worry; the cruise will always make sure you get flights that match their start and end dates.

Want to mix things up a bit? If you’re thinking of different dates or flying in or out from different islands, just chat with your travel advisor. They can help sort it out.

Oh, and just so you know, there are two airlines that fly to the Galapagos: Avianca and Latam. Depending on which cruise you choose, they might have a preference for one over the other. Coming from Toronto to Quito? or any other city for that matter,make sure to check with your advisor to make sure your Galapagos flight schedules are properly aligned with your international arrival and departure schedules.

Choosing the Right Tour

The right tour selection can significantly enhance your Galapagos adventure. Consider the following factors when choosing a tour:

  • Your available time
  • Your budget
  • The nature of the tours (land vs. sea)
  • Ensure that the cruise provides multiple guides
  • Consider the specific islands you wish to visit

Preparing for Your Trip

Making the necessary preparations is vital before embarking on your Galapagos adventure. For health precautions, consult a healthcare professional regarding vaccinations such as typhoid, hepatitis A, and yellow fever, and consider preventive measures against seasickness or motion sickness.

Packing is another essential aspect of trip preparation. Key items to pack include lightweight walking shoes, water shoes, attire in neutral colors, hiking pants, tops with sleeves, and rain gear. Also, remember to bring along a backpack for carrying water and snacks and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection.


To sum up, the Galapagos Islands offer a wealth of unique wildlife, stunning landscapes, and diverse tour options. Our team is ready to arrange the perfect Galapagos tour from Quito for you and your travel companions. Whether you’re exploring the islands on a luxury cruise, embarking on an adventure-packed expedition, or hopping from one island to another, you’re in for an unforgettable journey. So why wait? Start planning your Galapagos adventure today and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the boat ride from Quito to the Galapagos?

You will be boarding your Galapagos cruise at the Galapagos Islands, and the only route there is via a commercial airline. These flights typically depart early in the morning and are available from Ecuador’s major cities, Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil.

It’s important to remember that, for environmental conservation reasons, direct international flights to the Galapagos are not permitted. This means you’ll transit through either Quito or Guayaquil on your way to the islands. It’s a simple but essential part of your journey to this unique destination.

How much does it cost to go to the Galapagos Islands from Quito?

A round-trip flight from Quito to the Galapagos Islands typically costs around $540, with prices varying based on timing, availability, and seasonal factors. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate, particularly during holidays and busy seasons.

What is the best way to tour the Galapagos Islands?

The best way to tour the Galapagos Islands is by taking a cruise, as it allows you to fully experience the diverse species found there, including Galapagos tortoises, sea lions, and iguanas. You’ll have the chance to see these incredible creatures up close and witness the unique biodiversity of the islands.

What are the various categories of Galapagos tours available?

You can choose from various categories of Galapagos tours, such as all-inclusive cruises of different durations (8-, 5-, and 4-day) and land-based tours like the Classic Galapagos Highlights tour. Each type offers distinct amenities and experiences.

What are the flight frequencies and durations for the route from Quito to Galapagos?

2 to 3 per day/airline in the morning, entering the Galapagos. And in a very similar fashion to exit the Galapagos.

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