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Why choose a Galapagos luxury cruise? Feedback from past customer

Luxury Galapagos Cruise - Traveler in Galapagos

Traveler visiting Galapagos

I had always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands, and finally, I got the chance. But this was no ordinary visit! Instead of just a basic tour, I decided to splurge on a Galapagos luxury cruise that promised me an unforgettable experience.


The ship was incredibly stable and luxurious; with all its modern amenities, it felt surreal with the beautiful landscapes that engulfed us. My private balcony overlooked the sea, while my master suite gave me plenty of privacy and comfort throughout the journey.


But what really made this trip special were all the amazing activities we could do at each island stopover. We went snorkeling among schools of colorful fish, kayaked through mangroves full of wildlife, and even got close to giant tortoises on our guided hikes around volcanic islands that were formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago!


It was a truly one-of-a-kind adventure! Everywhere you looked, there were exotic creatures living out their lives in harmony with nature – something you don’t get to see often anymore these days. The staff onboard knew exactly how to make sure everyone had an incredible time too – great food, fun activities and most importantly, excellent guidance as they took us around each island so we could see everything there is to offer without endangering anyone or anything.


All in all, it was certainly worth every penny spent because I got not only a luxurious vacation but also an educational experience among some of nature’s finest wonders – definitely one for the books!

Luxury Galapagos Cruise - Kicker Rock

Kicker Rock in San Cristobal

1. Introduction

A luxury Galapagos cruise is the perfect way to explore and experience the unique flora and fauna of these amazing islands, offering luxurious amenities such as king-size beds, balconies, room service, and even onboard medical attention for top-notch comfort. With expert guides and a small vessel capacity of 16 guests, this could be your best adventure yet! We have rounded up five of our favorite luxury vessels in the Galapagos Islands for you to choose from – Elite Catamaran, Legend Cruise, Grace Vessel, Ocean Spray Galapagos Cruise, and Sea Star Journey – each offering something special from kid-friendly activities to exquisite suites. Embark on a journey that you’ll never forget.

2. The Best Galapagos Islands Experience

The Galapagos Islands are a great place for cruising in style, with amenities like king-size beds, balconies, and room service. As you explore these beautiful landscapes, you’ll enjoy the added stability of mega catamarans’, expert tour guides who can tell you more about this unique ecosystem, professional crew members who will take care of your every need, and a level of comfort that can’t be beaten. There’s a reason why so many people choose luxury cruises when it comes to experiencing the Galapagos Islands – they just don’t get any better!

3. Our Top Picks for Luxury Cruises

The Elite Catamaran offers a comfortable and luxurious experience on board a private vessel. It has the capacity for up to 16 passengers, allowing guests to enjoy their own space if desired. The Legend has activities for kids and rooms that are big enough for more than one person, so it’s a good choice for families with kids. The graceful Grace is also an excellent choice with its unique charm and personal attention from onboard crew members. And finally, Ocean Spray Galapagos Cruise offers more than just luxury – it’s a mega catamaran with beautiful staterooms that offer suites for couples and single cabins for solo travelers. Lastly, Sea Star Journey is often described as one of the best luxury yachts in South America; with top-notch amenities, one-of-a-kind customer service, and plenty of entertainment onboard.

4. Summary of Luxury Travel

A summary of the most important things to know about luxury travel in the Galapagos Islands includes king-size beds, balconies, room service, and a doctor on board as top-notch comforts. Expert guides can provide insight into this unique ecosystem while a small vessel capacity of 16 guests allows you to enjoy your own space if desired. And with five great picks to choose from – Elite Catamaran, Legend Cruise, Grace Vessel, Ocean Spray Galapagos Cruise and Sea Star Journey – embark on a journey that you’ll never forget!

5. Conclusion

In the end, we can say that luxury cruising in the Galapagos Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss! From breathtaking views to luxurious amenities and expert guides, you can count on having an amazing time. Whether you’re looking for family fun or a romantic getaway, embarking on luxury cruising through the Galapagos Islands, promises to be an adventure you’ll remember for years to come!

Is a luxury Galapagos cruise right for you?

There are many reasons to choose a luxury Galapagos cruise over a more traditional vacation. For one, you’ll be able to see the amazing wildlife up close and personal. The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the unique animals in the world, and on luxury ships, you’ll be able to learn all about them from expert guides. Not only that, but your ship will have top-notch amenities and give you plenty of chances to relax. If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation that’s also luxurious, a Galapagos cruise is the perfect choice. The Galapagos Islands are one of the most unique places on Earth. You can learn a lot about them and see how beautiful they are by taking tours on land or going on a luxury cruise.

Both options offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but with luxury cruising, you get to enjoy all the amenities of a top-of-the-line vessel. You will have access to expert guides with doctorates in marine and ornithology, as well as incredible activities like underwater videography and microscopy.


Here are a few other reasons why you may want to consider visiting the Galapagos on a luxury Galapagos cruise.

Best itineraries aboard luxury cruises

Luxury cruises offer the best itineraries for travelers looking to explore the Galapagos Islands and take in its magnificent natural habitat and visitor sites. Small ships can navigate to remote areas more comfortably, and have fast engines for greater distances, with added stability – giving you access to some of the most unique places on Earth. You’ll also get to enjoy top-notch amenities onboard your ship and have plenty of opportunities for relaxation throughout the journey.

Galapagos Luxury Tours – West Itineraries

Luxury Galapagos Cruise - Galapagos Penguins

Galapagos tropical penguins in Fernandina

Experience the best of the western Galapagos Islands aboard a luxury yacht! Luxury cruises offer amazing itineraries that include some of the most remote and beautiful islands. Visit Fernandina Island, Isabela Island, and Elizabeth Bay for spectacular views of pristine beaches, clear waters, and exotic wildlife. With smaller ships, you can go to places that larger ships can’t reach. You can also go to special visitor spots where you can see nature’s wonders up close.


Fernandina Island offers visitors an opportunity to explore its rich volcanic history and observe its unique fauna such as marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, penguins and sea lions. On Isabela Island, you can take in stunning white sand beaches fringed by turquoise waters and experience the unique wildlife of the largest island in the archipelago. Lastly, visit Elizabeth Bay (a unique visitor site) for a chance to observe sea turtles, frigate birds, and Galapagos penguins.


Experience the best of the western Galapagos Islands with a luxury yacht – explore stunning visitor sites, take in spectacular views, and encounter unique creatures! With an all-inclusive itinerary you’ll feel like you’re part of a once-in-a lifetime journey. A luxury cruise is truly an unforgettable experience for any traveler looking to explore one of nature’s most precious gems.

Galapagos Luxury Cruise Ships – Center Itineraries

Luxury Galapagos Cruise - Chinese Hat

Cruise in Chinese Hat

A luxurious cruise to the center of the Galapagos Islands is a once in a lifetime experience! Luxury yachts offer amazing itineraries that focus on some of the most remarkable destinations. Visit Santa Cruz Island, Santa Cruz Highlands, and Baltra Island for up-close encounters with magnificent wildlife and stunning views. The smaller size boats provide access to exclusive visitor sites and navigate to remote areas more comfortably than larger vessels.


An expedition aboard one of these luxury yachts will take travelers through Charles Darwin National Park, and encounter the famous giant tortoises. Thanks to their small size ships you can explore areas inaccessible to larger vessels as well as exclusive visitor sites for closer encounters with nature’s wonders.

Galapagos Luxury Yachts – North itineraries

Luxury Galapagos Cruise - Red Footed booby

Red footed booby in Genovesa

Explore the northernmost islands in the Galapagos with a luxury yacht on an incredible journey! Visit Santiago Island, North Seymour, Sullivan Bay, and Genovesa Island (Darwin Bay beach) for up-close encounters with spectacular wildlife and breathtaking views. On Santiago Island, you can observe Galapagos hawks, finches, boobies, frigate birds and more.

Then go to North Seymour, which has a lot of blue-footed boobies and beautiful views of the ocean. Next head to Sullivan Bay’s impressive black lava fields and view the unique formations that were created by pahoehoe lava flows. Then you should go to Santa Maria (Tuff Cone) to see what’s left of an old volcano and its tuff cone. Lastly, uncover the secrets of Genovesa Island where you’ll find red-footed boobies nesting in large numbers as well as some of the highest concentrations of seabirds in the archipelago. On one of these luxury ships with an itinerary that includes everything, you can see nature like you’ve never seen it before.

Luxury Boats – South Itineraries

Punta Suarez In Espanola

Punta Suarez In Espanola

Take a luxury yacht on a trip you’ll never forget to the Galapagos’ southernmost islands. Visit San Cristobal Island, Española Island, and South Plaza for up-close encounters with some of the most unique wildlife in the world. On San Cristobal enjoy panoramic views from its steep hillsides or explore one of its many beaches. Then encounter species such as waved albatrosses and sea lions at Española Island’s visitor sites. Lastly, go to South Plaza, an amazing volcanic island where marine iguanas gather in huge groups to graze.


Experience nature like never before aboard one of these luxurious boats surrounded by magnificent scenery and amazing wildlife. With bilingual naturalist guides on board and access to private visitor sites, you’ll be able to explore the East Coast of the archipelago in the utmost comfort and style. On these smaller ships, you can enjoy luxury Galapagos tours as you sail through some of nature’s most amazing places. All-inclusive itineraries will ensure you experience the Galapagos Islands like never before!

Galapagos Islands Luxury Yacht – East Itineraries

Sally Light foot crab in Santa Fe

Sally Light foot crab in Santa Fe

With a luxury yacht, you can see the east side of the Galapagos Islands in a way you never have before. When you go to San Cristobal Island, Santa Fe Island, and Kicker Rock, you can see amazing wildlife and see views that will take your breath away.

On San Cristobal, you’ll be able to explore its many beaches or take in panoramic views from its steep hillsides. Then head to Santa Fe Island where you can observe sea lions basking in the sun, red-footed boobies nesting on ledges, and sally lightfoot crabs scurrying around the shoreline. Find out what Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido), an amazing volcanic formation just offshore, is hiding. Here you’ll find a wide variety of wildlife such as sea turtles, manta rays, hammerheads, and more.

Galapagos Wildlife at its best

Marine Iguanas

Wildlife encounters are one of the most exciting aspects of a luxury Galapagos cruise. The islands are home to many incredible wildlife species, and you can spot them up close in their natural habitats. From sea lions lounging on the beach to marine iguanas prowling the rocks, these endemic species will make your journey even more special. Other stunning creatures that you might encounter include blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins, Sally Lightfoot crabs, flightless cormorants and the waved albatross – just to name a few! Enjoying such unique animals in their natural environment is something that cannot be captured through pictures or videos – it’s best experienced firsthand.

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A highly personalized service

Assistance provided in Mainland Ecuador & Galapagos Airports

Assistance provided in Mainland Ecuador & Galapagos airports

The pinnacle of unsurpassed service. Special care for the details and very good personal service make sure that the experience is the most comfortable, convenient, and satisfying it can be. Passengers can feel confident that their stay aboard every vessel will be unparalleled, as every effort is made to meet individual needs.

From fast response times to accommodating wishes, they are truly devoted to creating an irresistibly hospitable atmosphere that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. Unparalleled customer service is simply part of what makes experiencing a Galapagos cruising adventure so desirable.

Most Galapagos cruises offer free help at the airport for domestic flights in Ecuador. A trained representative will meet you at the airport and take you to either the San Cristobal Airport or the Baltra Airport.

Domestic flight airport service makes boarding your Galapagos flight a stress-free experience.

We can also help you on mainland Ecuador if you want to add day trips to Machu Picchu or the Amazon Jungle to your tour. You can be sure that everyone who handles our transfers does so safely and comfortably.

Some luxury vessels might include a free stay at luxury hotels like the JW Marriott before or after your cruise. Plus, the cruise may provide a shared shuttle service to and from the airport for all guests, so you don’t have to worry about arranging your own transportation. On top of that, certain mandatory fees like the Galapagos park entrance fee and the transit control card may already be prepaid as part of your cruise package, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation without any additional expenses. All of these free services and perks can make your luxury cruising experience even more enjoyable and easy.

Luxury catamarans with added stability

Ocean Spray Galapagos Catamaran

Ocean Spray Galapagos Catamaran

Discover the enchanting Galapagos Islands tailored to your preferences: Catamarans or single hull yachts? Choose the luxury and steadiness of a catamaran for a smooth sailing experience, or embrace the traditional charm and agility of a single hull yacht, each offering a unique way to enjoy your voyage.

Luxury catamarans are designed to handle the harsh conditions of open sea and provide an optimal level of safety for passengers on board. The big outdoor decks are great places to relax in the sun and look at the beautiful nature around you.

Plus, their expansive cabins give travelers plenty of space to unwind after a long day exploring. With all these perks, it’s no wonder why so many people choose luxury catamarans when visiting the Galapagos Islands!

Private balconies in suite cabins

Private Balcony

Private balcony aboard a Galapagos cruise

Travelers looking for a bit of extra luxury should consider booking a suite on board their cruise. These cabins come with all the amenities you would expect from a top-tier vessel, plus an added bonus: a private balcony! On your own private balcony, you can admire the stunning landscapes of the Galapagos Islands in peace and relaxation.


Enjoy sunrise or sunset views while sipping coffee or cocktails right outside your suite in complete privacy. This is one experience that cannot be replicated on land based tours and will surely provide treasured memories to last a lifetime.


You can enjoy this beautiful place on land or at sea, but if you take advantage of the luxuries on a Galapagos vessel, it will be a trip you will never forget.

Luxury experience & guidance

Galapagos Guidance

Galapagos Guidance

When it comes to luxury cruising, the most valuable asset is the expert guides and crew. Luxury cruise ships have guides who know a lot about the islands’ rich history and unique plants and animals and can tell passengers about them. Many of the guides speak multiple languages and are passionate about Galapagos conservation, so you know you’re in good hands.


Also, they are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any questions or concerns during your trip. With a first-rate crew aboard a luxury cruise ship, you’ll be able to explore all that the Galapagos Islands have to offer in total comfort. Enjoy the stunning landscapes, observe wildlife up close and personal, learn from expert guides and soak in all that these unique islands have to offer – with a luxurious twist!

Unique luxury amenities and comfort

Galapagos King Size Bed

Suite with panoramic view and king size bed

Experience the Galapagos Islands in luxurious style with a Galapagos Luxury Cruise. Enjoy unique amenities such as onboard doctor, a glass bottom boat, outdoor space for sunbathing, an elegant ship with unique themes, and room service. Even the most ardent cruise critic will be pleased with the smaller passenger capacity than larger vessels, allowing for more personalized service. Sail on beautiful ships with king-size beds and balconies as you look at the beautiful scenery of these unique islands.

The best Galapagos islands experience

Hot tub aboard a Galapagos Cruise

Hot tub aboard a Galapagos Cruise

A trip on a small boat with no more than 16 people is sure to be unforgettable and different. The stable vessels ensure that you journey in comfort while adding to the Galapagos magic. With its comfortable amenities, this could be your best adventure yet! Top-notch guides and crew all committed to providing an unforgettable experience while preserving the unique beauty of the islands. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an exciting adventure, a luxury vessel in Galapagos Islands offers something for everyone. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, delicious cuisine and extraordinary wildlife – all in one magnificent place! With breathtaking landscapes, fascinating wildlife and unparalleled comfort, a luxury vessel in Galapagos Islands will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Our top picks for Galapagos luxury cruises

Legend Cruise at Sunset

Legend Cruise at Sunset

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious experience in the Galapagos Islands, then look no further than these 5 amazing cruises. Elite is the newest and most stunning catamaran in the fleet offering top-notch amenities such as gourmet restaurants, well-appointed staterooms and exclusive wellness areas.

The Legend has activities for kids and rooms that are big enough for more than one person, so it’s a good choice for families with kids. The graceful Grace is also an excellent choice, with its distinct charm, personalized attention from onboard crew members, and unrivaled resemblance to classical luxury. Ocean Spray Galapagos Cruise offers more than just luxury – it’s a mega catamaran with beautiful staterooms that offer suites for couples and single cabins for solo travelers.


Lastly, Sea Star Journey is often described as one of the best luxury yachts in South America; winner of World Travel Awards’ Leading Boutique Cruise 2019 -South America, this vessel offers a truly unique experience. Sea Star offers shorter cruises programs, feature packed! Whichever cruise you choose, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience that you’ll never forget!

Summary of Galapagos Luxury Travel

Luxury Cruise Dingy Ride

Dingy Ride in Galapagos

A luxury Galapagos cruise is the perfect way to explore the islands and experience their unique flora and fauna. Enjoy top-notch comfort with things like king-size beds, balconies, room service, and a doctor on board.

With expert guides and a small vessel capacity of 16 guests, this could be your best adventure yet! Our top picks for luxury cruises include Elite Catamaran, Legend Cruise, Grace Vessel, Ocean Spray Galapagos Cruise, and Sea Star Journey.

Each one offers something special, from kid-friendly activities to exquisite suites – embark on a journey that you’ll never forget with small ship cruises in the Galapagos Islands!

Finally, choosing a trustworthy travel agency is crucial for finding the perfect Galapagos cruise to meet your needs. GreenGo Travel takes pride in being a three-time consecutive winner of the World Travel Awards, often referred to as the “Oscars” of the travel industry. Having been recognized as Ecuador’s Leading Travel Agency from 2021 to 2023, and also nominated for the same prestigious title in 2024, you can rest assured that you’re in very capable hands.

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