Galapagos Island Tour
Galapagos Island Tour

Galapagos Island Tour

Galapagos Unveiled: A Guide to Navigating the Wonders of Nature's Playground

Embark on an Epic Galapagos Island Tour: Discover Wildlife and Adventure

Imagine a paradise where time stands still, where unique wildlife roams free, and pristine beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. Welcome to the Galapagos Islands, a remote archipelago teeming with natural beauty and unparalleled biodiversity. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands are an extraordinary destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, making a Galapagos Island tour a must-do experience.

This in-depth guide will help you plan your ultimate Galapagos adventure, from understanding the different types of Galapagos Island tours to exploring the must-visit islands and the various activities available. With this knowledge at your fingertips, prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through one of the most wondrous destinations on Earth.

Key Takeaways

  • Embark on an epic Galapagos Island Tour to discover wildlife and adventure.
  • Choose the best time for your tour between mid-June and early September or mid-December and mid January.
  • Familiarize yourself with park fees, regulations, accommodation & dining options as well as activities & excursions available in the archipelago.

Why Choose a Galapagos Island Tour


Galapagos Island Cruise Tour

Galapagos Island Cruise Tour

The Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Pacific Ocean, boast an incredible array of unique species found nowhere else on Earth. Some highlights of visiting the islands include:

  • Playful sea lion encounters
  • Witnessing blue-footed boobies’ captivating dance
  • Pristine beaches
  • Crystal-clear waters
  • Volcanic landscapes

The natural beauty of these wondrous islands contributes to their allure, making these inhabited islands a must-visit destination for any nature enthusiast.

A Galapagos Island tour promises a unique adventure that will leave lasting memories. GreenGo Travel can assist in planning a memorable trip, offering opportunities for world-class scuba diving and exceptional wildlife encounters in their native environment.

Best Time to Embark on Your Galapagos Tour

Although the Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination, knowledge of the two distinct seasons can enhance your travel plans. The warmer, rainier months from December to May offer calmer seas and warmer water temperatures, ideal for snorkeling and observing marine life, such as sea turtles. On the other hand, the cooler, drier months from June to November bring colder water temperatures and more nutrient-rich currents, attracting whale sharks and providing unique wildlife-watching opportunities.

The peak seasons for the Galapagos Islands are mid-June through early September and mid-December through mid-January, making these periods ideal for visiting popular islands like San Cristóbal Island. However, the Galapagos Islands’ consistent climate ensures that no matter when you choose to visit, you’re bound to have an incredible experience.

Getting to the Galapagos: Flights and Transfers

Reaching the Galapagos Islands is relatively straightforward, with multiple daily flights departing from Quito or Guayaquil on mainland Ecuador. Round-trip tickets typically cost $500 ish, depending on the time of year and booking details. There are two airports that serve the Galapagos Islands: San Cristóbal Airport on San Cristóbal Island and Seymour Airport on Baltra Island. Commercial airlines that offer round flgihts to the galapagos, at the time of writing this blogpost is limited to Avianca & Latam

When traveling to the Galapagos Islands, remember to obtain a tourist transit card (TCT) and pay the galapagos park entrance fee, as these are necessary for visiting this unique destination. With your travel documents in order, you’ll be ready to set foot on the islands that inspired Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking theory of evolution.

Types of Tours: Cruises vs. Land-Based Options

When planning your Galapagos adventure, one of the key decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for a cruise or a land-based tour. Both options offer unique experiences and cater to different preferences and budgets.

The following sections compare the differences between cruise and land-based tours to help determine the most suitable option for your needs.

Cruise Experiences

The Galapagos Islands offer a variety of cruise options, ranging from small, intimate yachts to larger vessels with more amenities. Cruise experiences provide an efficient way to explore the islands, as they allow you to cover greater distances and visit more sites while enjoying an all-inclusive stay on board the vessel. Live-aboard boats, designed for scuba divers, allow multiple daily dives and access to more secluded regions of the archipelago.

Smaller vessels may offer a more personal on-board experience and quicker transfers between the main ship and rubber dinghies, ensuring you make the most of your time exploring the islands. Whether you choose a luxurious cruise ship or a cozy yacht, cruising through the Galapagos Islands guarantees an unforgettable adventure.

Land-Based Adventures

If you prefer a more flexible, detailed, and thorough experience, a land-based tour might be the perfect choice for you. Land-based tours typically provide:

  • Greater flexibility in terms of activities
  • The ability to explore the islands at your own pace
  • More time to spend in certain areas
  • The opportunity to engage in different activities
  • More downtime or relaxation

Staying in local accommodations and dining at local restaurants also offer further opportunities to experience the Galapagos Island local life and explore the unique wonders of the Galápagos National Park.

Land-based tours are often less expensive than cruises, making them a preferable option for travelers on a budget. Popular islands for land-based tours include San Cristobal Island and Santa Cruz Island, each offering unique wildlife encounters and a range of activities to suit your interests.

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Top Islands to Explore with a Galapagos Tour

Galapagos Island Tour Wildlife

Sea lions resting on the rocks

The Galapagos archipelago, also known as the Galápagos Islands, is home to roughly 20 islands, each providing distinct wildlife encounters, landscapes, and activities. Some of the most sought-after islands to explore include Isla Santa Cruz, Fernandina Island, Genovesa Island, Española Island, Floreana Island, and San Cristobal Island. Each of these islands boasts unique attractions, such as the playful sea lions of San Cristóbal Island, the penguins and flightless cormorants of Fernandina Island, and the frigatebirds and red-footed boobies of Genovesa Island.

While Floreana Island holds historical significance as the first island to receive human visitors, Espaola Island is home to the waved albatross nesting locations at Punta Suarez. No matter which islands you choose to visit, the Galapagos archipelago, including Puerto Ayora, promises an incredible array of experiences that will leave you in awe of its natural beauty and biodiversity.

Activities and Excursions

Galapagos Island Tour Snorkeling

Galapagos Island Tour Snorkeling

A Galapagos tour offers a wealth of exciting activities for all adventure levels. Snorkeling is a must-do activity, providing the opportunity to swim with white-tipped reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, manta rays, marine iguanas, and even Galapagos penguins. Some of the most renowned snorkeling sites include Puerto Chino Beach, Punta Espinosa on Fernandina Island, and Tagus Cove on Isabela Island, each offering unique underwater encounters.

For those who prefer to stay on land, hiking trails are abundant throughout the islands, with options such as the Sierra Negra Volcano Trail on Isabela Island, Cerro Tijeretas on San Cristobal Island, and Tortuga Bay on Santa Cruz Island. Other activities include volcano tours and visits to research stations, such as the Charles Darwin Research Station, where you can learn about the ongoing conservation efforts in the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Tour –  Land Accommodation and Dining Options



Couple dining at finch bay hotel

With a variety of hotels, resorts, and restaurants, the Galapagos Islands cater to every traveler’s taste and budget. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses, you’ll find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs. When it comes to dining, the islands offer a range of options, including the upscale Finch Bay Restaurant in Santa Cruz, the relaxed atmosphere of FraFre GastroBar, and the laid-back charm of Booby Trap.

As you plan your trip, keep in mind that tipping is customary in the Galapagos Islands, with a 10% tip typically expected in restaurants. Also, while some hotels and eateries may offer Wi-Fi, it’s best not to rely on it as your primary means of staying connected during your stay.

Packing Essentials for Your Galapagos Tour


Galapagos Island Tour - Travel essentials

Galapagos Island Tour – Travel essentials

Packing the right items is key to a seamless and enjoyable Galapagos adventure. Here are some essential items to bring:

  • Sturdy closed-toe walking shoes with durable soles for hiking
  • Sandals or flip-flops for beach excursions
  • Rain gear to stay prepared for any weather
  • Adequate weather protection for your camera to capture the stunning wildlife and landscapes you’ll encounter.

For health and comfort, pack:

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses
  • A first-aid kit

Remember to bring your passport, visa, and any other required documents for your trip. Lastly, avoid bringing any fruits, vegetables, plants, or items that may have seeds or spores on them, as these are prohibited in the Galapagos Islands to protect the delicate ecosystem.

Navigating Park Fees and Regulations

Visitors to the Galapagos Islands should be aware of the required fees and regulations for entering the Galapagos National Park. The entrance fee is $100 per individual, payable in cash and preferably in small US Dollar bills. Additionally, a tourist transit card, priced at $20 per person, is required for immigration control and must also be paid in cash at the airport.

Some exemptions and discounts are available for certain groups, such as those who require a visa to enter Ecuador. By understanding and adhering to these fees and regulations, you can help ensure a smooth and responsible travel experience in the Galapagos Islands.


The Galapagos Islands offer an unparalleled travel experience, teeming with unique wildlife encounters, pristine beaches, and awe-inspiring landscapes. By understanding the different types of tours, the best time to visit, and the top islands to explore, you can plan the ultimate Galapagos adventure that you’ll cherish for years to come.

So why wait? Start planning your unforgettable journey to the Galapagos Islands, and prepare to be captivated by the natural beauty and biodiversity of this extraordinary archipelago.

Galapagos Tour Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month to go to the Galapagos?

For the best experience of the Galapagos Islands, December to February is the ideal time to visit.

How much does it cost to go to the Galapagos Islands?

A 10 day/9 night tour in the Galapagos Islands, including 8 days/7 nights in the archipelago and 2 days and 2 nights on the mainland, can cost anywhere between $4500 and $8000, excluding the cost of your international flight to Ecuador.

How many days do you need to visit Galapagos Islands?

For a comprehensive experience, it is best to stay in the Galapagos Islands for 7 to 10 days. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the islands.

What types of tours are available in the Galapagos Islands?

For those looking to explore the Galapagos Islands, there are two main types of tours available: cruise-based and land-based. Cruise-based tours offer an all-inclusive experience on a live-aboard vessel, while land-based tours provide more flexibility and the opportunity for greater immersion in local island life.

What are the top islands to visit in the Galapagos Islands?

For the ultimate Galapagos Islands experience, Isla Santa Cruz, Fernandina Island, Genovesa Island, Española Island, Floreana Island, and San Cristobal Island are top destinations for their diverse range of wildlife and activities.

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