Ecuador Travel Bloggers Wanted
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Ecuador Travel Bloggers Wanted

Travel Ecuador & the Galapagos islands on exclusive travel agent rates

Call to Online Travel Influencers – Ecuador travel bloggers wanted! If South America is in your bucket list, let GreenGo Travel help you tick this off your list. ??


I’m interested, tell me more!


Hello Internet, Angel here.

■ Traveling in the near future?

■ Considering Ecuador as a possible destination?

■ Looking to score best rates/deals out there?

■ Are you an avid blogger, sharing stories of your travel?

■ Do you have a following/audience on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?


If you’re answer was ‘yes’ to all of the above then we’d be interested in working with you!

Ecuador Travel Bloggers Wanted
Ecuador Travel Bloggers Wanted


What is GreenGo Travel all about?

Ecuador Travel Services

With over 12 years of experience in the Ecuadorian tourism industry, we provide trip advisory services throughout the Galapagos Islands and all of mainland Ecuador. And, in an effort to expand our business, are looking for mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities with travel influencers such as yourselves.

Travel blogger in Ecuador's rainforest
Travel blogger in Ecuador's rainforest


What’s in it for me?

Ecuador Travel Bloggers Wanted

We’re prepared to offer you our trip planning services free of charge, as well as exclusive agency rates! i.e. the lowest rate possible for all tours listed in our site, or any tour services in Ecuador you’d be interested in. (e.g. a visit to the Galapagos Islands in a cruise or land based tours, a private tour to the Cotopaxi volcano, a tour in the Amazon rainforest, etc.).

In exchange for this, we’d like you to spread the word about us to your audience in the form of mentions in your social media posts, e.g., featuring us in your travel blog(s), hashtag(s), picture/s), etc. Be our spokesperson per say, while traveling Ecuador.

Blogger in the beach
Blogger in the beach


I’m in, what now?

Contact Us!

If this offer caught your eye and you think this is something that we’d be a good fit for you, hit us up! Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] and let us know what you’re after, and we can further discuss what we hope will be an agreement that will benefit all parties involved.

Ecuador is waiting for you!
Ecuador is waiting for you!

Note: If you were able to find this blog post live, we are opened to submissions!

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Ecuador & Galapagos Travel Consultant, Blogger, Fitness & Health Aficionado, Amateur Photographer & Designer. Here to guide you through stories and visuals, what Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands & Peru have in store for you!

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