Amazon Hiking Exploration

Dolphin Adventure Program

Amazon Dolphin - Dolphin Adventure Day 3

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After Breakfast we go out on a jungle trail hiking adventure for 3 hours, traversing through wild virgin rainforest, heart of the Bosque Protector Pañacocha. We find a huge number of wild medicinal plants – used by local indigenous communities. Spot Mackaws, Parrots, Parakits, Tucans & other wild animals, insects & reptiles. In the afternoon native guides will share their knowledge about the use of the most feared weapon of the Ecuadorian Amazon known as the “Bodoquera or Cerbatana” the Amazonian Blowgun. Dinner. Night canoing in Panayacu river & Pañacocha lagoon. (Many opportunities to spot the pink amazon river dolphin throughout the day.)

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Pickup / Drop Off: N/A
Schedule: Full Day

*Daily activities are subject to change, due to weather & province regulations.