Elizabeth Bay – Galapagos

Elizabeth Bay - Galapagos
Elizabeth Bay - Galapagos - Isabela Island – Galapagos

Elizabeth Bay Highlights

Elizabeth bay perimeter is observed off a Dinghy ride only, its main attraction been different islets called the Marielas, the inner cove is better viewed with no engine noise. Highlights of the area is the rich marine & bird life where penguins, Pelicans & blue herons are spotted across the rocky shores & the thick mangrove forest. Schools of rays & green turtles are easily spotted in the clear waters found in the area.

Main Features:Mariela Islets, Herons, Penguins, Rich marine life, Mangrove forest
Interaction In Site:Bird watching, Dinghy Ride, Sightseeing Marine life
Type of Landing:None, Circumference the area in a Dinghy ride only