Danubio Azul Galapagos Yacht
Categories: Motor Yachts, Under $399, Basic, 16 Max
Danubio Azul Galapagos Yacht
Starting At: $1499 USD
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4 - 15 Days
Places: Galapagos - Ecuador
Users Rating 4 from 3 ratings


The Danubio Azul Galapagos Yacht is the newest addition to our line of basic cruises, a small spirited cruise showcasing the islands with naturalist and diving activities. Danubio Azul provides guest with just the right amount of comfort, without getting in the way of an intimate and secluded experience cruising the islands.

Danubio Azul Galapagos Yacht Highlights:

A 10 passenger capacity yacht with 5 cabins featuring bunks, twin & double accommodation. Itineraries will take guest through East, Center & Southern islands with Naturalist departures, available in 4, 5 and 8 day tours. Diving departures are available for 8 day tours, heading towards the far northwest including the famous islands of Darwin & Wolf. 

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Danubio Azul Technical Specifications

Danubio Azul Decks & Itineraries 2018

Day 1 Tuesday Baltra, Santa Cruz Board Yacht Carrion Point
Day 2 Wednesday Bartholomew, Cousin Rocks Bartholomew Islet Cousin Rocks
Day 3 Thursday Wolf Shark Bay El Derrumbre
Day 4 Friday Darwin Darwin Island Darwin Island
Day 5 Saturday Darwin Darwin Island Darwin Island
Day 6 Sunday Wolf La Ventana Islet La Banana
Day 7 Monday Cabo Marshall, Santiago Cabo Marshall Egas Port
Day 8 Tuesday North Seymour, Baltra North Seymour & Baltra Islets N/A
Combined, extended & other itineraries
Tour Length Itinerary 1 Itinerary 2 Weekdays
Itinerary A15 15 Days – 14 Nights Naturalist Itinerary A Diving Itinerary B Tuesday – Tuesday
Itinerary B15 15 Days – 14 Nights Diving Itinerary B Naturalist Itinerary A Tuesday – Tuesday
Itinerary B12 12 Days – 11 Nights Naturalist Itinerary A5 Diving Itinerary B Tuesday – Saturday
Itinerary B11 11 Days – 10 Nights Diving Itinerary B Naturalist Itinerary A4 Tuesday – Saturday

Danubio Azul Rates 2018

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* Prices are per person, and subject to change without prior notice
* All prices are in USD







Diving Program 8 days – 7 nights All Decks All Year All Cabins $3738 BOOK NOW

*All year rates

Inclusions & Exclusions

Accommodation, use of onboard facilities
All meals, water, coffee & tea
All activities as listed , transfers in galapagos, use of onboard facilities
Certified bilingual guide, (dive master – diving program)
Wetsuit & snorkel equipment
(Diving tanks, compressor & tank – diving program)

Park fee & TC card: $120
Round flight (mainland-galapagos-mainland)
(Diving equipment rental – diving program)
Alcoholic & soft drinks
Personal expenses, tipping & travel insurance
Quito shuttles hotel-airport-hotel



Chamber fee $35
BCD $90 pp, per week
Regulator, hood, gloves, dive flashlight
5 & 7mm 2 piece wetsuit, regulator income
Nitrox 100cf/15lt cylinders $120 pp, per week


More than 60 logged dives
Valid international diving licence
Medical certificate / Diving Insurance (DAN)
Experience in the open sea, with strong currents
Equipment rental notified the latest 15 days prior


Children Minimum Age: 8 year olds
Considered Child: Under the age of 12

Child Discount: 30%
Child Discount Restriction: Traveling with 2 full paying adults

Terms & Conditions
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The above Terms & Conditions/Policies do not represent to a full extent all the terms & conditions by the yacht, the most important and relevant clauses have been listed as a guideline, and are enforced by the boat operator to GreenGo Travel as your acting travel agent and subsequently to the end customer. In cases such as the initial percentage of payment required, and the amount of days prior to cover the final balance will be subject to our terms and conditions. A higher/lower initial payment, and additional time may be required to process your reservation.

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    Average Rating: 5
  • Claire

    Did a 5/6 day cruise in April 2017. The boat was fine, we had a good itinerary, the chef was fantastic. However, there were two serious issues.
    We were offered free use of the snorkel gear on board – there was not enough fins which wasn’t discovered until the first snorkel excursion! No apologies, though they did find us more flippers later, but no snorkels – mine was leaking so i had to breathe like Darth Vadar to expel water every breath on all excursions.
    Our guide was Victor Rizzo – I cannot recommend going on a boat with him as a guide. His English was not up to scratch, he got easily distracted when he was talking to the group, he didn’t inform anyone about the post office box so no-one knew to buy postcards for it – no-one knew how it worked until we got there – then he got grumpy when we wanted to go through all the postcards to see if we could deliver them, I believe his words/attitude was “whats the point”. His knowledge was so-so, for example a lack of knowledge on the geology, couldn’t tell me if the Galapagos were hot spot of plate boundary volcanoes – didn’t even understand my question. As an aside has been bitten by seals 3 separate times and had a couple of diving accidents which I think shows how careful he is, not a great trait for a guide.
    The staff were a bit inexperienced – when our small boat first arrived at the Danubio they didn’t even know how to tie her on. First impressions! But they were otherwise quite lovely.

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    Average Rating: 2
  • GreenGo Travel


    Average Rating: 5

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